what huh said to muh…

driven to drink

partway somewhere
from something
else; all this good
time spent wandering
around, incoherently
asphyxiating on the
malcontent soap box
derby crash-scene.

seeking common cause
with room to spare.
payment on normal
terms; subject to
cash-flow as always.
(he’s been ripped-off

still, not bein’ my
job nor purview
to justify
the way things are;
having had no other
demonstrable choice
cleanses the blood from
my oil, or whatever
the high-minded
are chanting of late.

did billy get his
wish filled?
(is he laughing
or crying?)

if it all seems
too good to be true;
rest assured it
is, & enjoy every
minute of our
mutually assured destruction
(not angry mothers,
but mushroom clouds.)

visit new york
city by air
on a transcontinental
flight leaving a fortified
airport; luxury in a bottle
& five star all the way.
you don’t even have
to go anywhere;
just sit back and
breathe deep, listen
to the cosmos n’
drink it all in.

same gravity curves
the same space
most everywhere;
any rules that
matter will be made
abundantly clear,
if in time.

did billy get his
wish filled?
(is he laughing
with the sinners
or crying
with the saints?)


I usually wouldn’t leave an explanation, but angry mothers refers to MADD. It’s a pun. Get it? Well, even if you don’t, it is no less a pun. You can guess who billy is. I know, bad taste and all, but it struck me as ironically funny. I felt like not posting this would be the wrong thing to do. Nothing succeeds like excess.

10 Responses to “what huh said to muh…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    I didn’t really understand the meaning of it all, but I guess that’s very American stuff that I don’t follow everyday! What I liked the best was “is he laughing with the sinners or crying with the saints” One of these lines that will stay for quite some time …

  2. H2O buddy Says:

    Hmmmm “all this good time spent”. You do know how to drive someone to distraction don’t you? The “billy” reference was very clever – choices and outcomes. You really do have quite a mind!

    • Depending upon how you look at it, he is either a cautionary tale or someone to be admired; I suppose that depends in turn on how you view sobriety. I love driving people to distraction, maybe because I spend so much time there myself hahahahaha.


      • H2O buddy Says:

        Does your own state of distraction drive others to distraction? Or do you do it intentionally? It may be a great source of fun I think when it is not meant to be hurtful. Do you like Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean?

        Thought you were referring to the song “Billy Don’t Be A Hero” and this in turn reminded me of Rick in Casablanca.

        Re: sobriety I just have a little wine once in a while, my body doesn’t tolerate other types of alchol – the stuff actually makes me physically ill.

      • Good points all. billy was a reference to billy joel and his somewhat philosophical righteousness in certain choices he has made as well as songs he’s written. Think of it as a reflection of seeing the world from a different POV. Do I distract people intentionally?? …hmm, well, yeah. Sometimes I like to break the monotony of suburban life with some good old fashioned fun. I get different reactions from different people, but most people who know me finally figure out that I don’t take anything seriously. No harm no foul I like to think.

        I don’t drink either, so I can understand your point. You know, you gotta do what you can at the edge of the milky way, as Jimmy Buffett once said.

      • H2O buddy Says:

        I enjoyed your comments very much – you are taking on a more human form in my mind. Do you like Mr. Bean? Have a good evening – on the edge of the milky way or whereever else you may be.

    • H2O buddy Says:

      Just looked up the “milky way” – liked the core message. Gets to the heart of how people should view life.

      • I always felt like it involved some acceptance that for all of our posturing (both here & abroad) that we are all heading the same place. Makes things much simpler on so many levels. Also – glad I am developing some humanity. There is always the chance for salvation. lol. Always a pleasure to chat,


  3. Billy’s mama loved him nonetheless let’s guess.. so must you yours

    MADD as a hatter I’d warrant

    • Aw, now that’s just unkind. Bringing mother’s into poetry? Over a few simple puns about an alcoholic singer nobody cares about anymore? Seems harsh dude. Just sayin’. Thanks for reading.


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