feast of plenty…

feast of plenty

nobody is huffing
on the bottom of the
earth. of course,
there are other
ways & means,
various measures applied
towards covalent goals.
everyone is welcome
for the feast of plenty;
it doesn’t matter
how you get there;
the journey
ain’t the destination.

stories in thousands
of languages get
similar laughs while
we sit in circles
drawing breath in
standing ritual requires
certain protocol;
there are always
rules to break.

gathered for
the feast of plenty
in some unrecognizable
dwelling, south of
eastern kindred spirits
exchanging westward
promises, cycling through an
unstable supply of
everything you ever
might want. it might be
all-or-nothing if
we’re unlucky.

what happens next
is the unification
of mutual appreciation;
climax on schedule.
we’re doing it with
differential rationale
headed in the
same direction.
a voice fit for singing
lays it all down

leftover firelight refracts
familiar smiling faces
together for the feast
of plenty. i enjoy foma
as much as anyone;
why give up
grabbing the world
by the balls &
joining those
lovely friends in

welcome to the
feast of plenty;
besides, i’ve yet to hear
any other suggestions. we’re
too far gone not to
suck the marrow
from the bone
until desire is
sticky with
caramelized satisfaction,
enough for all there
ever were & will be.


Just something I’ve been thinking about lately. Having met so many new poets and writers, the image sits calmly; an empty table waiting to bounce laughter from everyone to everywhere. Dedicated to those who share what they have with those that have less than they need. Inspired by a a short conversation with someone who captured part of me and let the other half go; but only so far. Languid air swept into circular motion by ceiling fans doesn’t feel the same as the wind on your face, but sometimes you have to make due with what you can find.


Submitted for One Shot Wednesday Check ’em out, they’re good people and great poets.


38 Responses to “feast of plenty…”

  1. moondustwriter Says:

    there seems a duality to the message a welcome place and yet this feast seems like one of recognized futility
    and interesting situation to ponder for sure
    I do appreciate the poetry community and maybe I come away gorged at times

    thanks for the One Shot

    Moon smiles

    • Thanks for reading as well as the insightful comment. It is true, the feast of plenty has more than one meaning, and the sense of futility is the glue holding the scene together. We all try so hard to impose our will on the world around us yet never really accept that this is a fool’s errand in the extreme. Can’t wait to read your entry for 1SW, and thanks again for the read. Hope all is well,


  2. “always rules to break” – I like that and it’s so true in respect of creativity. I enjoyed this poem. The last stanza…it just reeks of a feast of stomach and soul walking that line between enough and gluttony. Great writing.

    • Nothing better than breaking rules in order to create something from an idea! Thanks kindly for the compliment, I very much enjoyed your 1SW entry this week as well. Take care & keep up the great writing,


  3. Creative energies know no bounds… well done.

  4. unremakable_m Says:

    great evocation of the layered dynamics of interaction and iconographies of meaning and subtly juxtaposed irrelvances….

    very very nice write crb 🙂

    • You are too kind. I’m glad you picked up on the juxtaposition of imagery, something I like to use to emphasize points of irony, which in my mind this poem was chock full of. Thanks for reading and the kindness,


      • Wow, you blocked me from your blog? Did I do something to offend you? If so, my apologies. I enjoyed reading your poetry, I will miss reading & learning from what you have to share.


  5. wicked closing stanza set up nicely by the previous…is all we are left with the marrow to suck…are we that far gone…sadly i dont know how many would gather…

    • Trust me, they all gather in one way or another. Sometimes it’s just knowing where to look to find what you need. Simple really, or deceptively so. Thanks much for reading, take care!


  6. Your poem made me think of Thanksgiving and the feasts many will partake, in excess of what is enough. But it also makde me think of the splendor of this world, always giving.

    I enjoyed reading your words. So creative.

  7. A powerful and thought provoking poem Crb…amazing writing here! 🙂

  8. Scent of my heart Says:

    I can tell in thousands of languages, feast of plenty is only celebrated when there were rules to break … provoking, yet so enjoyable to read you again!

  9. What’s for dessert? (LOL!)

    Nice One Shot!

  10. This was cool…I like the part where you said the journey is not the destination…nice thought.


  11. Your writing is so thought-provoking, c-f. Poems like this can effect change.

    • I’d like to hope so, but as we all work to become better writers I think it is awesome that you referred to the poem as ‘thought provoking.’ If there is anything I strive for, it is to make people open their minds up and use them! Thanks much for your compliment and I will have to make a trip over to your blog to catch up on your most recent. Take care,


  12. Liked the use of the word “covalent” and “we’re too far gone not to suck the marrow from the bone until desire is sticky with caramelized satisfaction”. We are after all cartbon based life forms made up of atomic particles having the ability to create, store, use, and transmit energy aren’t we? Have you ever read the Song of Songs?

    • I vaguely recall the “Song of Songs” but can’t put my finger on it to remember at the moment. I love studying all the sciences (well, learning about them anyway) and several lines in this poem were found via research into how societies continue to exist. I would heartily recommend any book by Jared Diamond (but especially “Guns, Germs, & Steel” as well as “Collapse.”) We only exist due to the carbon & nitrogen cycle, and we bond the same way all free electrons bond – co-valence. lol. Glad to hear from ya as always, hope all is well my friend.


  13. Quite a stew or barbecue. I get something more each time I read it; thought provoking irony, joyous celebration, the heavy earth weighed down with its burden. It takes careful parsing though yet very well written. Good work here, my friend.
    Gay @beachanny

  14. Many many questions asked and left unanswered. The depth of this piece is stiking. We have gone to far, but have we done enough?

    Thanks for sharing, you’re no fool


    • I’ll always be a fool, but other than that, spot on. Very few questions ever really get permanent answers so we make do with the temporary kind until the fire dies and it gets too dark to see. Thanks for reading, much appreciated the eyeball time.


  15. Its great to hear your take on the new friends.. I agree with you and your imagery… thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  16. signed .............bkm Says:

    you image of sharing and laughter…amazing how much all view the world..no matter the hemisphere or country…let us continue to sit and grow around the fire..learn from each other ..may the feast last long after the night….great OSW…bkm

    • Thanks for the sharing a kind thought. I agree wholeheartedly that people are the same pretty much everywhere and most simply want to go along and get along. The others are the ones causing all the trouble!


  17. Well some of the books you have mentioned will be on my winter reading list. Love spelled backwards is the base for evol – ution.

    • Interesting point. I am always blown away when I read that people don’t ‘believe’ in evolution. There are so many wonderful scientists who write excellent books about all manner of natural phenomena. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Jared Diamond, Edward Tenner, Matthew Stewart (ok, that last one is history/philosophy, but you get the idea. Have you ever checked out goodreads.com? There is a link to my account somewhere up on the left. It is the best site I have found for sharing books and reading ideas. Lemme know what you think, be interested to hear back. Drop me a PM @ thefoolsbackpocket@gmail.com if you find anything of interest. Take care,


  18. Since it is your view that the goodreads.com site rates books objectively then I thank you for suggesting it.

    • I love it for the ability to share books with other people, but am not too sure about the rating system. I tend to ignore stuff like that. Ratings are meaningless averages of preferences that can’t say much more than “Uh.” (Sorry, feeling snarky. Must be hungry.)

      Anyhow, yeah, I do dig that site, it makes it very simple to share book recommendations and ideas. I’m thinking of starting a “Foolish Book Club” to see if anyone would be interested. I think it would be a good way for a widely disparate group of people to share books. Just a thought. Hope all is well,


      • I had originally written that rating books might seem like a good idea in theory for the sake of not wanting to waste time or having unwanted expense depending upon the means of obtaining books. But that it seemed to me that a rating system to gauge the “quality” of the conteent of books could have very subjective results. Then I decided to use only the last part of what I had originally written not to belabor the point. And this is all to say that I agree with you!

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