greedy thirst…

greedy thirst

egregious curiosity,
cumulative questions
regarding her
next breath.
whatever greed drives
my desire sees through
imaginary walls into
something deeply concealed
(or so she thinks)
held at bay
far from here.

accented tongue
harping the same
sibilant fricatives
in warm tones,
building towards friendly
words. all spoken
future tensed promises;
“you’ll find me here,
always here but
where are you?”

doubtful incensed over
such youthful
proceedings. steep
decline in cover
(she lacks a true place
to hide) brings
out the best in her
modernist conquest;
it’s just a mountain.

i return to my own
wanderings hoping
for a chance to go
back through that
place. maybe
looking over her shoulder
as she writes; waiting
for an answer to appear
on-cue. fascination
breeding repetition.

ya just gotta know


It remains surprising the number of people asking questions already answered or at the very least should already be known. Still, can’t fight the indefatigable. There is word of delicious Chinese food. Off to check into the subject.

2 Responses to “greedy thirst…”

  1. Well, I let out a sigh at the end of this one. One just never knows what may come in this life…beyond the beyond… really!

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