yeah, sure. whatever…

dream differential

it’s dark,
there ain’t a
goddamned super-
hero anywhere.
looks like
we’re on our
figures we
finally need saving
and th’ain’t one
altruistic motherfucker
to be found. help.

rumors are floating,
something about
oak-paneled offices
& really nice corinthian
corinthian leather?

it’s all a daydream;
i can smell blueberries
(but i changed the
music & let Todd Snider
sing n’ talk.)
i’m expected all
over the place today,
& before my vibration
finds some severe tonal
alignment, figured
i’d write something to
to remind the author
of something

lacking anything
important to say,
or any useful advice,
i left a friendly
“aloha” for myself
in a poem
& resumed

mornings with
all the base
needs met
are very much
worth the
intense pain,
physical & emotional,
that will surely

sleeping off the
night’s poison
& i save mine
for later. most
of it anyway…

well, some of it…


Wherever last nights dream ended and the morning daydreams began is anybody’s guess. There is the slight (and by slight I mean definite) chance that I overbooked the day at least two times, and possibly a third. For whomever is disappointed, my apologies. IGSAIMI, as the mechanic would say.

5 Responses to “yeah, sure. whatever…”

  1. i like this one, so overbooked huh?

  2. Listened to Todd Snider on You Tube after reading this. He is very good! Most of his songs were stories, many were very funny, and some were hilarious! One was very touching “All My Life”. Hope you are surviving your overbooked day – slow day here. Will check tomorrow to see what is going on out in the world and maybe decide to go somewhere! Then again I may just write something, haven’t decided yet.

    • That’s awesome. Can’t go wrong with Todd Snider; I like ‘Carla’ and ‘Conservative Christian Right Wing Republican Straight White American Male’ a lot, though pretty much anything he sings I’m down to listen to.

      Also, you should write something today. You still owe me a poem, don’t think I forgot!. Enjoy the weekend,


  3. What does IGSAIMI mean?

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