lusting after something to say…

writer’s cockblock

i gotta ask
if anyone in
of any of
those wilder
strains of genius
ever left behind
instructions about
when the path
disappears &
it’s desert in
every direction.
(even going
backwards didn’t

as near as

brothers & sisters;
i think
the only solution
is gettin’

i can’t explain
how & why;
none of those
amongst us
ever said
anything about

those fuckers.

also helps.


Dedicated to anyone suffering from writers block. Cure is different for everybody which is bad news for the self-help crowd. That’s okay by me; just part of what makes finding IT so alternatively exhilarating and frustrating depending upon how you go about the search. I can’t offer any solutions, but I sympathize with those looking to break free. However you might measure wisdom, it usually doesn’t help when both the answer and question are unknown.

Good luck to all, plus, you know, once-a-writer-always-a-writer, so long term we should all be fine. Don’t be so myopic.

Also, TFBP just passed 9K hits. All of us here at Foolish Consolidated Poetic Industries thank anyone who has read anything posted. Sooner or later the planned domain name change will get going after being somewhat lost in the wreckage. Anyhow, all readers are very much appreciated. The march to 100K continues apace. (‘Cause you have to have goals, or so I’m told. I don’t really believe that part. “Hahaha” laughed the silent partner.)

46 Responses to “lusting after something to say…”

  1. untangle knots,
    have a confident smile,
    these are cool…

    great entry, thanks for sharing it with Poets Rally.

    • Thanks, always glad to participate. Think I have commented on roughly 10 so far with another hour to read and comment before I am due back in reality. Amazing how many talented writers have become part of your ‘Rally’ and it is great to see the community continue to grow. Enjoy the last of Thursday & have a good weekend.


  2. This didn’t feel like writer’s block to me. I always enjoy your work–straightforward and clever. Also like the structure.

    • Thanks, and back atcha. It wasn’t so much my current state of mind but just been hearing from many poets & writers that seem to feel blocked and got to thinking about how I handle my own issues with the subject. Enjoyed your poem as well, and thanks for reading!


  3. Scent of my heart Says:

    it is desert in every direction when your brain starts acting like scrambled eggs, but as you say if you are to write will even after needed break!

    • Scrambled eggs is the perfect description of my brain right now. Of course, that could be any day, so you know, shit happens (lol). Thanks for the compliment & I enjoyed your entry as well. Take care!


  4. Well, didn’t want to seem overly eager to comment, but since my tear ducts have become so swollen from such exceedingly enjoyable laughter, I may momentarily become blind. Uh huh, I am no longer able to see the keyboard clearly…

    • Awesome. I love to make people laugh. It is something people should do as often as possible; how else can we get by in a world that makes as little sense as this one? Thanks as always for the kind words and time, glad you dug the poem. Take care,


  5. Seriously though, some days there are plans and there are plans… a little bitty poem for you.

    A Plan

    What I had in mind
    Was something simple
    To drink my first cup
    Of coffee
    But then it dropped
    Plan B…

    • Love it. Quick, sharp, and to the point. Drop the capitalization and you have something…lol. Seriously, thought any more about blogging? It’s easy as fuck, if I can do it anyone can. I bet you have a lot to say.


      • Baby Turtle to Shimering Fish 123 Says:

        Thank you for the compliment. What is the reasoning behind your suggestion of a blog – what are blogs about, I mean what are they supposed to do?

      • What are blogs for? Sharing what you have I suppose. Is that a metaphysical question? My reasoning for suggesting you blog were that you seem to enjoy poetry, and there is no reason to think you couldn’t write just as well as anyone else. Do you not agree?


  6. Ha! Writer’s cockblock – now there’s a new way of looking at it. Blunt, humorous – and still a witty little piece. Nice, and a feeling of suffering I think we can all relate to. “Those fuckers” indeed. Well written. Definitely drew a smile.

    • Thanks man, most appreciated. If nothing else, I’m always glad to entertain. Enjoyed reading your site as well, nothing better than finding new poets with which to swap poems. Take it easy,


  7. The flow of the poem looks great, I am impressed about the straightforward and cool style of rhyme =P

    • Thanks for the visit. Yeah, this is one of those poems that came out of the faucet when I was brushing my teeth and was surprisingly simple to edit. Think I got lucky with this one! (Still, better lucky than good any day of the week. lol)


  8. A very good take on writers block. My poem is on a similar subject matter.

  9. Writer’s block affects everyone at times. Nothing like having pencil, typewriter, computer, or whatever, and still crashing into a wall. Nothing is self-evident. However, writing about nothing is something and genius in itself.

    • Not really sure it qualifies as genius, but I much appreciate the compliment. Agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment, and maybe it takes crashing into walls to shake loose whatever is blocked up. It wasn’t supposed to be as self-referential as it came out, but the process is something everyone shares and having gone through the frustration myself figured tribute was due. Damn that came out long winded. Thanks again,


  10. desert in every direction- a very daunting image!
    I tell my students the solution for a block is to write. Comment on nothing, write lists of names, first lines, made up proverbs, advice to the love lorn, a word for each letter of the alphabet. Genius is not necessary. Editing comes later, give yourself permission to write garbage and just put words on the screen or pen on the paper! You’ll be surprised what comes out when you turn off the inner critic.

    My Rally entry-

    • See all the grammar issues in that comment? EDIT LATER!! Just write!

      • That is a a good lesson to give out to any writing student. Wish my teachers through school had pounded that into my head a bit more, but they never did buy into ‘Foolish Poetry.’ Everyone has to find their own style/plac/voice and it is a rough slog to get to. Can’t wait to read your poem, will be commenting on more poems Friday. Thanks much for reading & the comment, always appreciated.


  11. You are absolutely right. Everybody find their own way through block.

    Well drawn poem and comment. Appreciate your uncommon good sense.

    Congrats on 9K …

    • Thanks much. It has been a strange couple of years, and having a lousy memory, I’m glad to have something of a poetic record documenting the craziness. I can safely say it has been fun. Thanks kindly for reading,


  12. Jessicas Japes Says:

    We’ve all been there..and suddenly it all breaks out like unblocking a drain and all the rubbish just pours out! A good summing up of a writer’s problem.

  13. Hits right home, I am still looking for something that unwinds me!

  14. Ha ! Haven’t we all been there and wrote about it ?? I think prompts and challenges keep me on line fairly well 🙂

    • I try really hard not to use prompts except in the sense of writing about what I see & here. I do see the value in having a jumping off point, but I am a firm believer you have to find your own cliff yourself; the jumping is the easy part, gravity does most of the work. Always glad to hear new ideas, so thanks for the comment and keep writing.


  15. amen, brother. flawless flow, as per usual. be back around later…

  16. To be lost. To not know direction, where I am, what I see. Imagine the joy of it! Is it even possible? Damn those paths!

    • Happens to all of us at one time or another, as the fella once said. It is very possible to get lost; heh, I’m living proof. Agreed on the paths; more fun to strike out and do what you want on your terms. Important to stretch the wings every so often.


  17. A.B. Thomas Says:

    I know this feeling oh so well, though I don’t know if I would go for the “un” but settle instead for the “really really” – great write

  18. Smart words about writer’s block from somebody who doesn’t seem to have writer’s block. Good flow. Love the cheeky title, btw! 😉

    • Well, doesn’t have writer’s block ‘right now.’ It comes and goes, like most everything else. I’m just the kind of person more interested in spending Friday nights writing than anything else. Thanks for the kind words and for reading, much appreciated. Yeah, if you can catch someone’s attention you gotta do it, even if requires bad dick jokes. How far we go just to make a point. lol.

      Is your web handle a non-sequitar? I couldn’t decide, but nice multi-layered name. Take it easy,


  19. belladonna23 Says:

    haha, this was a funny one, with a sting of course. like gettin’ smacked in the face with a rubber chicken
    LOVED IT 😀
    my rally piece (one not-so-funny, unfortunately):

  20. Resonates with me especially right now, as I am writing obesessively for NaNoWriMo. When the path disappears into the desert, I guess you make a new path. When the voices fall silent, you feed them words – perhaps they’re just hungry.

    • I am all for that; a wonderful way to put it. Feeding the beast (one way or another) is almost always part of the tribute required for things to progress. Good luck with the NaNoWriMo, I’d heard about that but it seemed a tall order. Very cool to meet someone giving that a try. Thanks for swinging through, I will have to check out your page. Take it easy,


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