master of darkness…

master of darkness

it was late. i
shook hours out of my
pockets digging around
corners, wondering what
it was like not to stare
down Chapel Street horrors
within steam-vent darkness
pocked with ghost frames
hissing out the
same diseased air
we all suck in
to speak
until we don’t need
breath anymore.

calvinistic determination;
sure it’s too strong
for this sort of
thing, but
this is hard-core
abuse of
american privilege.
how else can we
put down that dead
night-stare frozen
under acidic lighting?
these are words
and crimes and might
even be sins.

an assertion of innocence.
innocent, as always;
“someone else did it!
okay, maybe it was us,
but we had a damn
good reason.
i think.”

it wasn’t worth
the energy to change
radio stations so
we all heard the newsman
saying they’d caught
a turncoat.
in a matter of
days he’d
be well-hung
for the first time.

our crimes being
somewhat less
severe scaled
against treason,
we were free
to walk away from
Chapel Street.
you disguised as an
intransigent magician,
& me the irascible joker;
we agreed
better free than

innocence aside,
rules are rules, even
if meant to
be broken.
we’ll have to
make up
new ones;
what we have
now is bent
beyond recognition.


Dedicated to a singer friend of mine. Hope you got something out of the evening if only a reference in a poem or a song about something vaguely important in that piss-drunk & blind sort of way. Influence can be a real motherfucker when you find out after speaking your mind that what you said was taken as asserted dogma when all you meant was symbolic theory. Luckily there really isn’t anyone interested in stopping dime store bandits like us. With any kind of luck at all we’ll fool just enough of them enough of the time to get away with speaking our minds, addled though they may be.

If I stole the phrase “Goonies never say die” would that slip past anyone younger than 25 or so? Was R2-D2 really on One Eyed Willie’s pirate ship? Just more unanswered questions. Fuck it, I’m gonna go watch ‘Other People’s Money’ and pretend to sleep while thinking back on the days I thought too much about Penelope Ann Miller. You know she dated Al Pacino for a while? Ugh, one more cigarette and it’s black capsule time for this kid. (That’s a MASH movie reference. Figured 3 obscure movie references would give me something to daydream about later. I can be such a selfish prick when cranky. harharhar)

5 Responses to “master of darkness…”

  1. Goonies is still one of my favorite movies! Can’t imagine what would make you cranky… well I’m sure you will recover in due time.

  2. This was once again different in style. I don’t say that in a bad way. But i envy how this rolls of the tongue. I read the first stanza four times trying to pinpoint what made it smooth. Was it the similar ‘o’ sounds? Was it ‘hours’ and ‘horror’ hitting perfect rhythm? ( I even counted syllabus…now i’m thinking maybe meter). But I’m not well versed in the technicalities of poetry. Your turn of phrase and style is interesting and quite different from mine, but I’m picking up a few things here and there. Until the next post.

    • Wow, thanks. Not sure anyone has counted my syllables in quite a while…lol. Thanks so much for the compliments, but I write until things ‘sound right’ and then hope for the best. Considering the conditions that produced such a poem, I am pretty happy with it. As to the technicalities, just little things you pick up here and there and everywhere. Always good to hear from you, hope all is well & take it easy.


  3. belladonna23 Says:

    I did get something from this, and maybe that’s because I’ve been in those “piss drunk” moods so often lately, but more or less, it’s because you are such a good writer. great piece, i felt every word of it.

    • Me too. You know what HST said about that… “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.”

      Some combination of those usually works one way or another. Thanks kindly for the visit & compliment, most appreciated.


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