JL runs amok in suburbia…

J.L. runs amok in suburbia

yet another
short n’ long
binge on
amphetamine lookin’
from a bag
retrieved from
the freezer.
cold to touch but
i need the sugar;
phantasmagoria is
too close i need
the energy.

remember the hits,
forget the misses.
thinking for Jhay-el
luck sticking
to my throat,
longing for sweet
release from
dues to pay.

intensive morphology,
gettin’ to be
my way lately;
strange satisfaction
to J-Ell, or whatever
the fuck he’s
goin’ by lately. a
million names &
he answers to
them all.

if you don’t like it,
pay in full &
demand a refund.
just the Jai Uhl
way of doin’
business. some things
always change;
adapt or die off.
we’re welcome
to both via
determinism or
free will. ironically funny
to watch dualism
resolved through
shared finales, sotto
voce of course.

i’m already
half-way there &
my commitment ain’t
the question
should you be askin’.
don’t worry
about it;
you’ll never feel me
breath no matter
how close
we’re pulled
toward contact;
i’m dark-matter.
focus in,
because on
Jay Ehl time,
questions won’t
be answered, even
if precipitated; just
easy fun with no
risk to duck.


You cannot escape the clutches of suburban dystopia no matter where you go around here. Some days, the cognitive dissonance is reassuring, on other days it is downright frightening. I’d take a nap but I don’t want to close my eyes and miss the show. With little or nothing going on around here, there might not be anything else to watch for a while. Clouds robbed us of the sun today, but I’m thinking of a comeback tomorrow. Right now I need iced tea, perhaps Mango-green tea with a splash of fave sugar (remember, it is the suburbs; nothing is quite real. Lovely place to visit, mendacious place to live.) Laugh, laugh, giggle, laugh…

(Second draft, first draft unposted.)

5 Responses to “JL runs amok in suburbia…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    Nice one … though I’d prefer the Peach-green tea, which I’m having right now, but not iced … Stay smiling!

    • Ahhh, no pleasure on this earth like the flavor of Mango. That said, Peach is great too, but that is more a summer flavor for me. Glad you liked the poem, hope you are having a good afternoon (and yes, I know it isn’t afternoon for you, meant it more as a figure of speech…lol.) At any rate, stay smiling as well. Take care,


      • Scent of my heart Says:

        Well I’m trying really hard to keep the summer during the winter. I like mango too, I have mango tea that I got from Egypt, deliciousness and the smell is … not sure I have words for it! But it’s quite strong stuff to drink in the evening and yes my afternoon was good, now is lovely evening 🙂 xoxo

  2. Amok due to a chocolate binge? What a way to go!
    I might be wrong, but somehow I can’t imagine that you are ever bored!

    • I can usually keep myself entertained, but everyone has their ‘off’ days. Helps to be easily entertained and a ridiculously over-active imagination…lol. Still some days you have to do a little extra if you want everything to work just right…. of course it never does, but we can burn that bridge when we come to it. Thanks for stopping by, hope all is going well this evening.


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