whatever i can get…

whatever i can get

someone must have
blown the plan.
impossible to
speed past this
falsely lit night-
scape fast
enough; even imbued
with exhaustion
i’m too tired
to ask why
yet unable to
sleep. i’m doubtful
it would make any
difference; it’s a
perfidious evening
interbred with
malicious jokes passed
in mocking tones;
what kind of answer
would you expect,
& from whom?

assertion that claims
of artistic-license
are all part
of a purely
defensive posture;
everything else is
threatening, if only
by comparison.
i’ll take what i can
get; right now,
certainty is as far
from reach as
it’ll ever get.
better luck later.
try again

i ain’t expecting
changed circumstance;
everything just looks
better in the light
of day & like i said,
for the time being,
i’ll take whatever i
can get.


A good night for Bruce Cockburn. Not so much for solving any long-term questions of demarcation. Shit happens, and I can live with that, but does it have to happen so often? Circumstance & coincidence my ass.

8 Responses to “whatever i can get…”

  1. Now that you have vented.. write the real poem that lies inside it.

    • You know, this was one of those times I was fairly certain someone would call me out on this poem. Glad to see the first reader nailed it. I do appreciate the honesty but I can’t seem to get out what I really want to say right now, and as frustrating as this was/is, I’m not sure it isn’t the universe telling me to back down for a few hours and try again when I’m not ready to drive my fist through the wall. Why fight the universe? I’ll try again in a few hours and check back and lemme know if I am on a better path.


      • Smiles..

        Hate to inform you bro’ the universe is in deep cahoots with that ‘olefuck’ of a PoetGod in the Sky. It’s the real poem challenging your pissedoffness as is always the case when it knows better than we meremortal penpushing apprentices of the craft realise, that the challenge is always how very seldom the what.. in instances like this, when the what is as much the how..it becomes a rolling dice in a crap game: patience..nothing rolls a losing hand more smartly than wanting to rush it. Put it aside into draft mode and let it simmer… it will own you when its ready. Find the vanishing point of the piece between the inner lining of your skin and your mind and the piece will find you. And let it take as long as it takes!

        Of course I’ll let you know when it’s done. my pleasure.

      • All true points, and certainly there is no point chasing something that can’t be caught. That aside, seems good advice to put this one aside and come back to it sometime in the future. I write a lot, so there are always other things to work on. Anyhow, interesting perspective and I appreciate the ideas. You seem a sharp poet & I admire that. Take it easy, drop in anytime. Certainly I owe you a visit to check out your poetry.


  2. Scent of my heart Says:

    Having hard time? The morning always looks better than the night with dark “delights” …

    • Yeah, just trying to get something to work that doesn’t want to do what I want it to do… Fucking A it is frustrating. If I didn’t have Joe Henry cranked up on the stereo I’d be a lot more pissed, but still, yeah, just a ‘lil… Anyhow, how have you been doing?


      • Scent of my heart Says:

        For different probably reasons we’ve all been there, frustrated … and eventually it will all go away. Don’t let it eat you, just have patience and things will work out in a way good for you! I’m ok, a bit frustrated myself, trying to plan things and not being able to, but busy enough to not have the time and the luxury to pay real attention and to go crazy and nasty … xoxox

  3. like all good things,the best ideas take time to gestate form and finally, if we are lucky, as wordsmiths, they will find a distillation process inside our skin and reveal their essence when good and ready. You may come back and find this piece has something entirely different to say at the heart of whatever matter you allude to within it.
    Blunt force won’t wrench it out…
    You’re welcome at Baobab Papers any time.

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