sincere persuasion not a must…

waiting for help

perilously close to an
overheated engine
at the end of perfectly
spaced white lines. my vaunted
rediscovery of transitory
prowess blends confidence
& fatalism into whatever is
required for a
ride to the eye
of the hurricane.

inside is all calm
confusion. no reason
for panic; tranquil resignation
to the cause will do.
stamping out the
last smoldering concoction
draws down the veracity
with which these
settlements are usually
carried out.

i could use a some
help, but Hinks the super-
hero is nowhere to be found.
if he’s off drinking &
whoring or on
the seafloor i’ll be
neck deep in shit
with a six foot straw
for nourishment.

any retrospect offered
amidst sighting hurricane
eyes from unsafe distances
confirms obvious dependence
on dime-store antics
fueled by proprietary
blend foil packs
& caffeine. making
do with what we got
isn’t as much choice
as necessary
adaptation to
the situation at hand.


Faded out sharply & craving sleep and maybe a breakfast partner. Same as ever, because the bed is freshly made and McTrash will be there in the morning. Dedicated to the Marquessa. Whatever happened to her, I hope she’s having fun.

(oh, and Hinks the superhero is a reference to Jack Hinks, beloved by all of Newfoundland as well as Great Big Sea fans all across the land.)

9 Responses to “sincere persuasion not a must…”

  1. This should really be retitled something like, Between Hinks and a Bedrock, since the narrator is as much stuck to the seafloor as Hinks, if not more so and the title should enhance its implication rather than render that premise passive and immobile.

    Also never be too explicit in notes: overexposure threatens an inclination to be read as apologetic defensiveness.

    Of all the lessons thirty plus years of apprenticeship to the art of language can teach one, among the sentinel ones, is that while poets are forever apprentices of the craft of language and never its master, we are the instrument by which the essence of ‘a thing’, whatever that ‘thing’ may be, is made visible and as such if there is a rule never to to break, it is to never write apologetically. Essence is like skin, it never lies and poetry is the artifice by which we mirror truth.

    • Tht took some thinking about for a few hours to answer; I do agree with much of what you said except on 2 points;

      1. ‘Waiting For Help’ still feels like the right title. I am not sure if you were referencing the title of the post or the poem title, but I am not focusing in on Hinks as the important part of the poem (as you pointed out in the 3rd paragraph) more on needing help from someone who isn’t there. Hence the title. ‘Waiting For Help.’

      2. Not sure the note following this poem is all that explicit. I simply noted which Hinks I was referring to because as far as I know, most people have not heard of him. No reason to give away the goat or anything, and I agree with you about avoiding the defensive posture that often shows up in my writing; it’s a bitch & half to get it out, and sometimes I miss some of it.

      I will never claim more than apprenticeship status because the way I see it, there is no ‘finishing’ when it comes to learning how to write. That said, I’ve only been writing for about half the time you have had, so I am always glad for new ideas and guidance (especially since I have had to learn most of this on my own w/o any really fantastic teachers to go to with questions.)

      At any rate, thanks for the time spent.You have a good grasp on writing and I appreciate the sharing. Like I said before, if I ever manage to hit the actual target, let me know. Until then, more writing. How else is anyone gonna learn? lol. Hope all is well.


  2. Scent of my heart Says:

    Now that I’m done with my work from last night, catching a thought or a two from this here is … nice! Have a good day!

  3. Like I’ve said before, you never fail to write something unbelievably good. So much we all can relate to, yet so much so personal to just you. Ah I don’t even know if that makes sense.

    Really loved the way you ended this, somehow it just fit. Great piece!

    • Makes sense to me! My main goal writing poetry is to share something interesting in a way that is unexpected but symbolic. Poetry without honesty is impossible, just as poetry without emotion is garbage. I’m more than willing to dredge up things that hurt if they will make the poem stronger, and I am starting to believe you have to have some degree of masochism to be a poet (fuck! hope that one is not true!!!) Glad you liked the piece, nothing makes my day quite like hearing something I wrote had a positive impact on someone. I owe ya a visit, all I did yesterday was write. Hope all is well, and thanks for the kind words.


  4. Have a nice Thanksgiving!

  5. I can always count on this blog to put poetry in front of me that makes me think.
    Like properly think. lol
    Great poem

    • Thank you kindly. I do enjoy making people think, and I admire anyone willing to take the time to do so. Hope all is going according to plan, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof. (hahaha) Take it easy and thanks again for the visit.


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