is this london?.?.?.

is this london?

imported canadian music
plays in the background
as sundown brings on
a cold clear night. somewhat
destitute for fantasy, i’m
laying back against
appalachian mountains
& daydreaming about

pushing off the
mountains, it’s easy
stumblin’ toward the eastern
shore of maryland. amidst
amble, london
drifts back into mind; i’m
laughing, ’cause
anything i know
about london
comes secondhand
from patrick mcgoohan
& he’s as american
as i am.

i don’t have
any information; nobody
is making overly complex
plans aimed at
uncovering my rationale
for retirement, assuming
there is a way to retire
from a career as an
unemployed writer.

waves come & go
off the Eastern shore.
i’ve rambled as far
as i’m able, from
mountains to beaches,
and london is still
hidden behind
the horizon. the
lotus 7 is just gonna
have to wait. besides,
i don’t even have
a passport.
or money.
or any reason to
fear the hearse
with tags reading
TLH 858.

well, maybe someday;
as the saying
goes, “chin up, Potter.”
after all, he was
shining shoes
before harry ever
rode a broomstick.


Inspired by John Drake/#6. I can’t hear Secret Agent Man on the radio
without thinking of you.

7 Responses to “is this london?.?.?.”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    You thinking about London in Canada, or London in England? I’m thinking very often about London in England … I love that town and all the royalty in the air … Hope all is okay with you!

    • There is a London in Canada? Poem refers to “the royal ‘we’, to use the parlance of our times.”

      I can’t say I’ve ever been, but I did see two and a half Austin Powers movies… prob not quite what you meant. Sorry, as an American I was raised to distrust royalty so your comment struck me as odd. The more I thought about it, I came to realize it isn’t odd, because every culture but American (whatever the hell that even means lol) has had at least some experimentation with hereditary royal traditions. I guess I just learned my history through biased eyes, though that is true for everyone to some extent. Anyhow, I’ll stop rambling now…

      Always good to hear from ya, hope all is well.


      • Scent of my heart Says:

        I wouldn’t like the country I live in to have a Queen and a King …they do almost nothing if you ask me and I don’t like the attitude of a Queen with a fake smile, waving hands like there’s no tomorrow, but I like very much English history and especially the part about Henri VIII, I guess I’m the only one to like the guy, he was an absolute tyrant, the story of his 6 wives “Divorced, beheaded, died; divorced, beheaded, survived” is one of my favorite stories, and I must say I have passion for palaces. Always very intriguing to visit one and learn the history. It’s interesting at least to me. So this is the royal part I like, exploring castles and history 🙂

  2. Scent of my heart Says:

    Yes there is London in Canada, I think in Ontario state, haven’t been there yet, there are so many places to visit …And I do understand my comment being odd to you, as I take some things out of your American culture as odd too sometimes.

    • Awesome, and let me know if I say something like that; I love irony even if it isn’t the original objective.

      Anyhow, I do enjoy what I might euphemistically call Continental History. Of course, if we’re gonna do Henry’s, I prefer Henry II as the story of Eleanor of Aquitaine always give me a chuckle. You know one of his kids was Richard the Lionheart? Talk about undeserved nicknames…


      • Scent of my heart Says:

        I know the stories of all Henries /smiles/ I like the VIII because of Anne Boleyne … The guy actually made a whole new church system so he can divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry her … I doubt there will be a man to do something like this for me :), men were different centuries ago, not that I don’t like modern men, I adore them, but one Henri VIII would suit me much better! As for your history I like the part with the war between the North and the South … any books about it you can recommend?

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