so, does this mean MASH is back?.?.?.

haven’t we been here before?

the armistice lasted
from july 1953
through most of
2010; not too bad
for a temporary

of course, it’s up
to general smart
and a wanna-be elvis
impersonator to
decide what happens

dig up alan alda,
& winchester
might be dead, but
burghoff is still
breathing. of
course, someone
needs to get shot
blown up
ripped in half

military hospitals don’t
work without patients.
i think it was colonel
potter who said that;
or maybe i just made
it up. either way.

is MASH really
coming back
to television? even
the fans are hoping
word a late-day
cancellation; another
war nobody needs.


So I’m told.

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    3 Responses to “so, does this mean MASH is back?.?.?.”

    1. You chose an excellent means of emphasizing the point your were making!

      • I spend a lot of time keeping up with both economics & geo-political machinations. This came out of the recent artillery strike/war rumblings out of North Korea (unless you happen to be Sarah Palin & believe the North is our ally…)

        Anyhow, hope ya had a good holiday, take care!


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