ex post facto…

ex post facto

starved for something
more intense than
wax-fruit laid out
on fine linen, i’m
craving something
un-identifiable, ‘cept
i know i ain’t got
it yet.
must be in
short supply here.

tripping hard face
first to some
dogshit fast-
food nightmare wrapping
EVERYTHING in clowns;
the effect ain’t the
happiest place on earth.
unable to get what i want,
i’m trying to want what i
can get.

even after
a BM Special or two &
a coupla sides,
i’m still hungry.
hard to sate
any desire lately;
bottling frustration
should pay better.

solutions are limited,
but nothing is impossible.
talent for identifying
opportunities to smile
is useful in
moments like these.
standard warnings apply;
pseudoanaphylaxis is
a bitch, and
more is better.

assuming that’s not
vile rumor,
the worst is
past, or maybe
saved for later, but
not in the present.
i’m a shark after
eating a slow, small
fish that barely
fought for it’s
fucking life.

disenchanted by
the hunt for
satiation, i put it
aside & move on
to other pursuits
with greater
potential for reward.


No dedication. Much inspiration. Funny though, right?

4 Responses to “ex post facto…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    I was reading the poem and impatiently wanted to get to the dedication part, wondering what made you write it and on the end … another unanswered question 🙂 it was brutal! Very hard to try and want what you can get, but not what you really want … if you have tips on how to do it, do let me in the secret!

  2. Enjoyed where this led me. – “talent for identyfying opportunities to smile” – very nice!

  3. I must be tired, another typo – identifying

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