political suicide…

political suicide

years past
the Trouble’s,
explosions, death-
struggles of political
evangelicalism were
slowed in home
rule. things
settled down long
enough for boom &
bust to become financial
terminology rather than
a violent rejection of

as an outsider,
i can’t help but
admire the brash nature
of the whole business.
thirst for such home rule
is a familiar refrain;
when ireland took on
the Empire there
were no oceanic distances
to help defend a
nascent republic,
even one attempting
to tear itself apart.

watching the celtic tiger
give back hard fought
freedom for generational
debt-slavery is more
heartbreaking destruction
of an ideal. pity
the tiger,
trapped & flayed
& sent down the river.
bankers take ownership
of what was once
worthy of so many
martyrs blood.

Cowen looks
on while the ECB
repo’s national sovereignty
& IMF austerity
absconds with future
taxes for use
as down-payment
on the misery already
taking root.

CDS spreads still
blow out;
jingle mail might have
preserved the
republic itself; austerity
is only tolerable if
the tubers are shared.
there’s no need
for the coming row; so
utterly avoidable yet
somehow maddeningly
inevitable, once the
ink dries.


Dedicated to the people of Ireland. Sorry you got so screwed. Best of luck and if you see Thatcher hanging around looking to give advice, run the other way. Spain & Portugal, are you also planning on heading down that path? Ask the Greeks how that one turns out. Sad part is this is going to spread, and history has unkind things to say about monetizing debt…sigh, FED, sigh. (Deflation first, then inflation. Screw them on the way down AND the way up. This is not right, nor will it end well for anyone except _________. As always.)

6 Responses to “political suicide…”

  1. This has the look and feel of commentary that will be looked upon by people in the future as telling of the times we are living in – like Dickens, Hugo, and others in their day, not in the same manner or means of course. This was an excellent use of your darker side…keen, insightful, evocative…in my humble opinion.

    • I am constantly tormented by the idea that something very bad is coming and many people who have done nothing wrong are going to suffer for someone else’s gluttony. I hope I am wrong but…

      Thanks for the compliment! This is certainly a dark poem, but reading the news is a scary proposition these days. Guess we all have to batten down the hatches and try working together instead of fighting amongst ourselves (in a general sense.) Hoping for the best,


  2. Scent of my heart Says:

    As one living in Greece, I can tell you we’re all going to hell very soon, so much money borrowed to help the situation and still there are people striking and demonstrating, they are still thinking of what else to cut down on, how to make simple people to pay for whatever the others stole and put in a Swiss banks. Last year the street I live on was full with shops, this year is all empty buildings to rent. Of course, people here have chosen to fight, instead of finding peaceful solution, but they are all lazy and spoiled. The same goes for the government, two parties blaming each other and third one having coffee on the hallway of the Parliament, instead of finding way to save the sinking ship. The center of Athens has more police than Gaza probably and if I was a tourist I wouldn’t come again after all I’ve seen on the streets, after all the tear gas I’ve inhaled on my way home … Anyway, I can get as frustrated as I like, it’s not up to me and my opinion. Something is totally wrong, someone hasn’t done the math in Europe properly so now it’s time for payback and no mathematician is going to dip in his pockets for money! Very good post! Enjoyed reading it!

    • Wow, that is amazing. I’d seen some of the footage here and there, but have yet to ingest any tear gas. Seems to vindicate my cynical approach to politicians, bankers, lawyers, etc. I suppose you are right about getting frustrated, but you can do something. Starve the beast. Use local merchants/shops/banks etc. Not sure if it that is enough individually, but sooner or later it won’t matter because 80% of the people in the world (USA as well) are gonna be broke anyway. The way I see it, I just got used to being broke first. Though it is a lot easier if you have less to give up to start with…lol. Poor is the closest thing to free you can get in America.

      Glad you enjoyed it, hope all is well (aside from the second great depression and all.) Still have to laugh sometimes…


      • Scent of my heart Says:

        Is not that bad, I mean I’ve managed to find peace and avoid the nasty events on the streets, but in general the picture is not nice. And yes always I smile, hope you’re doing that too!

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