nothing yet…

waitin’ on morning

i keep forgetting
if it’s a.m.
or p.m., though
it sure seems
not to matter.

i ate;
somewhere a while
back, but who can
remember what. kinda
hungry still. need a shower,
a shave, the whole
fucking routine would
do me right even
if it wouldn’t answer
an questions or concerns.

all the hours are smeared
with numbers
& there’s no mention
of continuity
between exhaustion,
hunger & the rationale
behind such a facade.
i can’t remember, so
better not try
too hard
(never been a problem

it hasn’t
been promethean
but it wouldn’t be tough
to get there. ain’t
that a bitch?
i’m tired & not thinkin’
straight. out for hand-
rolled cigarettes
listening to ‘Evangeline’
play while shivering
in the cold. if i lay
down the night will
end & i’m not
ready yet.

has to get
here soon, right?. it would
be so much
easier to satisfy curiosity
in the light of day.
i wanna fight my
eyes open,
brown hair turtling
under my shell
warming off the
cold graveyard

no threat to security &
no anger, just
disappointment the sun
still ain’t shinin’
anywhere except
redemptive fields where
we’ve passed on as
eyes walk
bye. still waiting.

i’m looking to
listen & talk, maybe lie
down, stare at
passing clouds with
fingers curling together
with everything still
to come.

everything still to come &
light can’t break
soon enough.
breakfast cereal logic
at its finest.


12 Responses to “nothing yet…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    I read this few times today and I still haven’t figured out why does it make me sad. As usual the choice of words is very much to my liking … there was something else I wanted to say, but I guess not yet …

    • It is kind of on the sadder side, but I’d like to think hope springs eternal. Guess my mood got in the way of my writing when I wrote this a few days ago. Next poem will be happier! lol.


  2. H2O buddy Says:


    • Glad you liked it. Funny thing is I don’t think I meant to write such a sad poem… oh well, what comes out will come out. How ya been Slim?


      • H2O buddy Says:

        I don’t know that this was sad, seemed more like you were “tired & not thinking straight” – eveyone has a day like this now and again. And even then, look at how many poems you have done lately. I think the poems that I have weitten have been quite good, but I only resumed writing lately and about once a month seems to be my quota. And being called Slim – that was nice… Yhanks.

  3. belladonna23 Says:

    hmm…sounds like a lonely morning. hope you are well

  4. “all the hours are smeared
    with numbers”

    love this line!!
    the imagery throughout the poem is so intense andit’s scent my heart said – it does make one sad. but beautifully, poignantly sad, in recognition that “the sun / still ain’t shinin’/ anywhere except / redemptive fields”


    • Apologies for being late responding. I highly appreciate your kind words, all the moreso because I enjoy your writing so much myself! Glad you stopped through, hope all is well,


  5. *and it’s true what scent my heart said –

  6. Very intense, parts of it sounded exactly like how I felt today. Not knowing whether it is morning or evening, and not even caring. Just waiting waiting, for something, but then again not knowing what. Getting up, needing to freshen up, even though it was in fact 6 in the evening. I guess we all have our days. Great poem!

    • Thanks. It was just ‘one of those days’ and as badly as I was hoping to maneuver the right person to the right place, sometimes you just have to accept that things don’t work the way you want them too… gah! Thanks much for the compliment, most appreciated.


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