ain’t greedy…

can’t ask for more

you’re good to go.
take what you got,
for fuck’s sake let
it go & no matter
what you think you
done; it won’t matter
for a while. even if true-
fried minds know instinctively
that gone is gone.

blasted for momentary
enjoyment, or at least
pretending like a pro
buys more hours of peace.
what’s in a night that
ain’t part mistaken
identity within
distance or darkness?
bein’ bad is so normal
in comparison, & easy.

nothing to do now
‘cept rock back n’ forth
in late night silence &
deepen crows feet
while music plays.
if there’s any saving
irony, it’s hiding out
of sight waiting on
whatever comes next.

sentimental evening &
falling through life,
knowing a lie is out
of the question.
reaching into a thread-
bare bag of tricks hoping
like hell my fingers
brush-by one more miracle
before time runs out.


A pious declaration of life’s unanswerable questions. We redefine success as often as the carrion is eaten & we’re forced to move on. Oddly, a winning hand in some sense; at least it seems so if Darwin is to be believed.

7 Responses to “ain’t greedy…”

  1. This has a smooth flow, even if I don’t understand exactly what you’re getting at some of the way. The footnote clarifies it somewhat, thanks for that. That’s what it felt like, actually, the unanswerable, so I guess that means you did a good job. Not a short poem, but I had no trouble breezing through it; I don’t mind admitting that quite a lot of longer piece fail to hold my attention long enough for me to finish them comfortably. This offering is thought-provoking, and again has reminiscences of Bukowski (not so much as to be a pastiche). Sometimes not immediately understanding a piece can frustrate, other times it is nice because it gives the reader ‘wiggle room’ (to borrow a phrase) to drew some of their own conclusions/inferences. This is in the latter category. Line-broken at appropriate places (needed those pauses), and tidy line-lengths/stanzas generally will always appeal to me more… structure is something I hold as very important (guess you probably figured that out by now).

    Good read, fine poem man. May be a little tautology (redundancy of phrasing that could be stripped), but if so, only a little. The flow suggested not too much (when there’s a lot, I caught caught up all the time).



    • Thanks kindly for the advice. Reading through it a day after posting I think I can safely say that it was/is my take on ambivalence and bad luck mixed with… well mixed with a lot. Life gets frustrating at times and it gets hard to explain the more surreal aspects of life (to use the parlance of our times. lol.) I think I see a few places to trim the language but style was only meant to ape short bursts of thought coming at someone out of nowhere. One of those times where you wish you didn’t know something but you already do. Thanks for the visit, take care of yourself.


  2. Scent of my heart Says:

    I like it, not the feeling you’ve put into it, because it’s obviously not a nice feeling, but I like the choice of words and the passion in them.
    even if true-
    fried minds know instinctively
    that gone is gone… sometimes is not gone … miracles do happen and sadness does fade away. Take care!

    • Well, I am glad you like it, though I agree the sentiment is kinda of depressing. Just been an off week. Hope all is well on your end, I owe you a visit to read up on your newest poetry. Until later,


  3. those “fuck it” days… i feel ya man!

    • Thanks for the support! Yeah, shit does happen but I guess it balances out the good times. Otherwise we’d just flat-line all the tiem and that would be boring. lol, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you can’t laugh at anything. Hope all is well for you, and I’ll have to check your blog soon, I could use some good poetry.


  4. H2O Buddy Says:

    I liked the poem and also the phrase “redefine success” in your comment section. It’s all about personal choice.

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