the end

no way to turn around,
& backup ain’t comin’ to
save anyone. time to smile
n’ laugh like the man
you really are. it’ll be ok;
it’s everyone else
that’s needs improvement.

deeply creased paper hides
my recipe for palliative remedy
safely pocketed along with
hair ties,
& a soft spot for blueberry
eyes. (mine are brown.)
whaddya need when
shit hits the fan without
anywhere to hide?
a cigarette?

staring at everything
i’m afraid of,
wondering why
i can’t let go.
faces move too quickly;
a girl i might have married,
a friend who died in Afghanistan,
some comedian who told his
last joke on camera.
now he tells that joke
over & over,
but he’s
as dead as my soldier-friend
& that ain’t a guess;
sure as hell ain’t an answer.


Half truths abound. However, my eyes are really brown and what that means is a question with no answer. What would #6 do in such circumstances? Anyway, the struggle continues apace, because if there is one thing that is obvious, it is that #6 would not quit. (If that seems pedantic, rest assured it is only a momentary lapse of confidence on my part.)

25 Responses to “laugh…”

  1. love the topic.
    it is a cure to all when one knows when to smile…

    smart poem,
    keep sharing….

    share one poem to poetry potluck today, have fun!

    thanks for the support all the way.
    u rock!

  2. I always enjoy your musings on life, and in this case death. I’m the opposite about eyes–have the blueberry, find those deep brown pools of others ever mysterious and inviting exploration, also something of the natural world in them blue lacks, for me. Nice one-shot about the fleeting, about courage, and the quick and the dead.

    • Thanks much, and interesting comment on eyes in general. Maybe we naturally find different shades of eye color alluring in some way? Who knows except I can agree with you on that one. Appreciate the kindness, and I will get over to your site to do some reading soon. Take it easy,


  3. Words from the heart, well expressed with a roar of truth and a willingness to share which is always courageous! Thanks for posting. Gay @beachanny

  4. Baby Turtle To Shimmering Fish Says:

    I read about a French King who made it a practice to review each day to determine what he should have done better and to corrrect any wrongs he had committed unintentionally. I thought that was a very good way to go about living life. We are fortunate to have had good experiences with others that we retain as memories.

    • That seems like a great idea, except how do you know for sure things would have turned out any different even if you had acted differently? I guess it is the old question of determinism vs. free will. The good memories always stay but at times it is straining to keep the scars that accompany him. Glad you liked the poem, one of those off the top of my head jobs that always seem to come in batches. Hope all’s well & stay warm.


      • Baby Turtle To Shimmering Fish Says:

        I think that when there is a raging fire that all that you may be sure of is that you didn’t set it and that the only course of action is to vacate before you are consumed. Fires don’t have consciences. Thank you & you too.

  5. moondustwriter Says:

    really no place to hide – is there???

    it’s tough to face the end and the loss in life
    like the way you portray the apathy of another day

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Moon Smiles behind a pen and ink

    • Well there are always places to hide (coming from someone who lives behind a pen name…lol) but you gotta take what comes, like it or not. That said, thanks for reading. Always appreciated, as are the smiles. Now is a great time for smiles.


  6. signed .............bkm Says:

    the first stanza..lot of strength and that…I am racking my brain with with #6 –is that the Jets #6 you are talking?…there is no turning back…when you are in your in…might as well go for it all..bkm

    • Sorry for smiling, but #6 refers to The Prisoner, an old TV series that was recently remade very badly. As for the Jets #6, isn’t that double the points they scored Monday night? lol, couldn’t help it. I do agree with you though, when you are in, you are all the way in or there ain’t much reason to commit, is there? As to my bravery for being honest (in a round about way of course) it’s just easier to get hurt in public than in private. I’m not shy about much in life, though lately there have been a few hiccups….. ahhhh that’s why we laugh.

      Hope all is well, sorry for being so long winded. I can be a wordy motherfucker at times. Take it easy,


  7. This is a very meaningful write written well. Nice One Shot. Love and Light, Sender

  8. Oh.. I really enjoy reading your musings and genral rantings… they are so full of questions.. ant yet, I kinda find many answers too!! Or maybe I just feel glad that there is someone that has similar questions as me!

    I guess we are in the same boat after all.. well, most of us..
    Waiting to be hit, waiting to run, waiting to crib, waiting to cuss!

    And then there is good ol’ poetry!! Aah.. what a vent it is! šŸ™‚

    Awesome One Shot, CRB… Kudos!

    • I’m always glad when I can find a common note with complete strangers in a shared format. With poetry, there is so much freedom to plow through any subject/theme that strikes a fancy. All the better when it is something that can be shared with the wider community. Thanks for your kind comments, they are much appreciated. Wise minds think alike!


  9. Heartfelt post… struggles are a part of this great life. To proceed with the pace, this is important.

  10. wonderful expressions always you are a delight to read…cheers pete

  11. Good stuff. I read it aloud with Karl Childers accent a few times. hmm mm Got better each time, I reckon.

  12. Life-smart stuff. Good work.

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