another day to conquer the world…

another day to conquer the world

nixon’s left foot;
rest of the mans been
coated in stickers to
hide the grin. stiff
commentary on strange
coincidences; reflections
finding mirrors & shit
like that. must have
been a good dream to
wake up laughing ’bout
glass hanging off trees &
not th’other way round.

full of fuel, taken on
enough seasonable
incredulity with cold
coffee. last of the
accidental fires are
out, or soon ’nuff
will be. wearing
locust gloves & moving
along the morning spine,
cup to lips & slake.
it’s time to buy a
fragment of paradise,
sit back & wait.

12 Responses to “another day to conquer the world…”

  1. if you figure out where i can buy a fragment of paradise please let me know…in the mean time my coffee is fortunately still warm as it is bitter out today…

    • My friend, you can buy anything you want if you look in the proper place (at least until 12/25 when the screwball changes go into effect…) which in this case is your friendly local convenience store offering all poets their needs, wants, and desires at low low discount prices. Stay warm, and enjoy the coffee. Only the finest for us!


  2. locust gloves, excellent! Gotta have that morning Je, but think I prefer to envision that fragment of paradise rather than purchasing it!!

  3. Scent of my heart Says:

    I can really use a “fragment of paradise” right now, but I won’t sit and wait, I plan on getting it myself/smiles/ Nice one! Thanks for the advice you left me about the poem, much appreciated, there is something I didn’t understood clearly, but that might be because I’m really tired right now! Take care!

  4. Sounds like my kind of dream, cb. Love the flights of fancy, the somewhat obscure images.

    • Obfuscation is a great hobby. It’s free to everyone and there really aren’t any rules. It’s all from where you happen to be looking from, know what I mean? Always good to hear from you,


  5. Flannel By Any Other Name Says:

    I do think that there are moments in life that defy explanation…it as though an outside force comes into play.

    Don’t know about you, but sometimes I laugh/chuckle just thinking about the effect something I have written will have on the person who will be reading it.

    Liked this poem very much!

    • There are days that are rescued by finding out something I wrote positively influenced someone else. Even though I don’t know most of my readers personally, I’m constantly amazed by the positive vibes generated from all the comments here. It is great to be part of the web poetry community and it is no small comfort that people take time out of their day to read my work. I’ll always be thankful to anyone who reads my writing, and it always brings a goofy grin to my face. (Great name btw. Always wonder what your web handles refer to.)


  6. Flannel By Any Other Name Says:

    Thanks for the compliment regarding the web handles – they each have a personal meaning, so to speak.

    • Figured that was the case. I think that’s cool; we all build meaning into everyday life, so it makes a lot of sense.

      Well, off for one more ciggy and then maybe something hot to drink. After 2 a.m., I stop worrying about anything except keeping the lights on. lol. Catch ya later, with any luck,


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