no right answer…

better luck next time

awful far away for
words needing proximity
to be closely spoken.
no chance playing
possum, hoping like
hell for reprieve, or
warmth on a
cold night.

cold bed-sheets taunt
a tired body with silence;
mirror-like response to
desire for a partner in crime
who’ll stare at the same
ceiling & see the same show.
i’ve had it explained
hundreds of times; i
still don’t understand.

trying to talk but words
are ice & shatter before
they do any good.
would it matter?
distances heavy enough
are impermeable to language.
cold-sheet messages,
ice-words spelling out
indecipherable clarity,
& nothing desired except
shared HEAT.

for now, it’s just me;
overlapping silence, darkness
& sub-freezing winds
beating on window seals
n’ waiting for morning.
easier to check for damage
& make any needed repairs
in fresh morning light.

6 Responses to “no right answer…”

  1. I enjoyed this one as well CB 🙂
    there is a loneliness to it, a sadness as well as acceptance

    • Thanks much for digging the poem. Admittedly, I was trying for sadness without being overly maudlin. Nothing worse than that. I’ll be over to read some of your poetry later tonight, thanks for the visit.


  2. Scent of my heart Says:

    A wave of disturbing the inside peace thoughts … I hope by taking the bad out of you with words, will make you feel better, tomorrow, next week, soon. Sadness suits you, though I like the best when you write about love!

    • Sounds familiar, I used to have a friend who called me her ‘rain cloud.’ Never did figure out how she meant…lol. Yeah, disturbances are a headache right now, but sooner or later everything evens out. The love poems will have to wait right now as my opinion of the whole business is in the shitter. This will change, sooner or later. Whenever I can start thinking about a new image, love poetry will come. Till then, Polynesian diggidies will have to suffice…lol.


  3. Somehow this brought to mind “Wuthering Heights” in your use of the words – cold, winds, ice, window (seals), as well distance. Reminded me of Heathcliff at the iced window seeing a vision of Catherine.

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