sometimes you run out
of places to panhandle,
looking for back-up free of charge.

never too late to rerun the highway;
just piss poor timing, as usual.
if i wasn’t part fingers, i’d be all ears.

4 Responses to “persuasion…”

  1. belladonna23 Says:

    this is interesting….”if i wasn’t part fingers, i’d be all ears”
    it leaves a reader to think, that’s for damn sure.

    • First, thanks for the compliment. When I’m writing, I like challenging a reader to focus in on what I’m saying by approaching the normal everyday parts of life (i.e. the theme) from an odd or unexpected direction. I find this works some of the time, but it is the current working theory under my writing.

      Second, the line you quote (while I can’t give you an exact meaning) refers to the feeling of desperately wanting to hear something but instead you talk (or write hahahaha) to cover up those anxious moments.

      Always a pleasure to see your comments. If there is one thing I can do reasonably well & enjoy, it is talking poetry. Thanks for the visit,


  2. I really enjoyed this poem. It’s a tight write with so much expressed in so few words. Timing is everything, it seems – even in panhandling.

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