abrogated insanity…

transitory reality

after spending 24
hours earning back
my scars through chance
& bad luck, it was
obviously time to
reconsider such
repetitive vagaries.

laughing next to
a space-heater
making all kinds of
promises about
future warmth. i
brushed the
knots out of my
hair & smoked the
days last cigarette.

insanity is just
repetition. this?
this is time spent
on carefully considered
profundities, all
else being equal.

besides; the day
coulda been worse.
easily convinced
by such supple smoke,
i’m almost ready to
believe tomorrow can only
get better. insanity is
repetition you know.


The flip side of laughter being the best medicine. By now my sense of humor is seriously skewed toward dick & fart jokes; well, that and laughing about the irony of chronicling the entire day with something less than total veracity. Gives me something to shoot for tomorrow, maybe even the feeling of progress. So said the girl at the register, and who am I to doubt the 7/11 chick?

18 Responses to “abrogated insanity…”

  1. Grunt and grunge with a healthy dose of acerbic satire. Your faithful cynicism has me giggling my white cotton socks off, had I owned a pair…

    Great stuff. See,you do have it in you to bitch poetically 🙂

    cheers R

    • Glad you liked. Faithful Cynic might have to be my next web handle in another life…lol. Acerbic satire seems to fit pretty well right now, yet another in a long list of reasons I continue to write. Always glad to hear from ya R, the home office always aims to please. Take it easy & I’ll be doing the same.


  2. Lynne Hayes Says:

    love a person that can write with wit and sarcasm, yet have it flow so good.. made me feel like you were just thinking out loud..good stuff!

    • That is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my writing; thanks, you kick ass and are obviously an awesome person! I try to keep my writing style and word choice as ‘together’ as possible because I think it adds the very qualities you’ve mentioned to the poem. Thanks for reading!


  3. great read, ur a noodle, haha JH

  4. or perhaps it is believing tomorrow will be better unless we do something different…

    • Perhaps. I can agree with that under certain circumstances. Why else keep trying to do better today than yesterday (however you choose to measure ‘better’ in terms of the day of course.)

      Thanks for reading, good to see ya. I owe ya a visit man.


  5. Fast becoming my favorite stop, CF. Enjoyed the combination of cynicism and idealism that’s behind the repetition…you don’t change what you believe in, but sometimes you wonder just why you do…believe, that is. ” earning back my scars…” great line.

    • That may be one of the better descriptions of myself that I’ve read! It isn’t as hard as one might think to be both cynical and idealistic at the same time, but you can’t ignore the dissonance either.

      You’re a sharp one, I dig that. I can be a stubborn SOB, but if you forget to question the why’s and how’s then there isn’t much point to believing in anything (IMHO obviously!) Glad you enjoyed reading, feel free to check around as I write a lot and there is a good amount of poetry here to get lost in. Can’t say all of it is my best, but I give what I have to give.

      Thanks again for the kindness, it always makes the day just a lil better. Take it easy,


  6. Totally agree. Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. Great poem! Cheers

  7. signed .............bkm Says:

    the truth…have been feeling that way…even the space heater has come into play with the furnance going out…but at times we find comfort in the insane …especially when it is so familiar…nice write cb…bkm

  8. liked!

    reality is always in transition. and life is a wheel, it goes round and round

  9. I think you’ve said that before. (LOL!)

    Deep thoughts in your One Shot – I liked that you called it the flip side to laughter being the best medicine.

  10. Ah, the insanity of repetition. Like boababpapers wrote, bitching poetically definitely works here. An effective circle of cynical insight.

  11. Oh.. I like your reflective dark humor here… and you have the right words to complement your thoughts!
    It’s all bloody cyclical!! We laugh so much and so hard at our follies and misfortunes that they start appearing okay after a while… but that’s not the sad part. The sad part is indeed that one sense of humor gets degraded like crazy!!!

    I share your sentiment, CRB..
    Peace to you…

  12. This just fit the mood of today…gray, a little threatening, dull. You really know how to capture a certain atmosphere in your poetry, crb.

  13. Well,said!Loved the flow of your words.So natural.Felt like we were having a chat and you were telling me these things right on my face.Expressing my own thoughts.

    Brilliant one shot.

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