shrewd cats see the show…


ain’t it all ancient history?
step-sly talk in the after-
noon, lookin’ at me with
everything i wanted,
tripping my switch one
more time. i’ve got insomnia
on my side; plenty of time
to think. how much is
too much?

desultory imagination after
too much honesty in a kiss
ducked off with grace & beauty.
perplexed from the hip, i’m
not talking ’cause i
don’t know what to say.
after midnight everything
gets stuck on repeat,.

punctuated equilibrium
is no way to live. raw
Krueger scars are still
red, but the serious moments
are packed in boxes,
left for another time.
apologies for going
red-alert; i’m
late to the party.

friends forever. smiles
cloth naked fear of
the unknown & wrapped
tight. finding peace
amongst the left-overs
i never gave away is
just one more stop
along the way. for once
i can smile at the kid
in the mirror; could be
he ain’t so bad after all.


Been an odd set of days. Now that I’ve made it to Friday things seem so distant. Can’t escape the feeling I will be rereading this later trying like hell to imagine certain other people reading it and wondering why I’d ask now. I can always use the support, but other than that, well, guess whatever happens next is gonna to happen either way. Off to figure out if I’m the good, bad, or ugly. I’ll let you know tomorrow. Or today. Dedicated to a mover & shaker who shall remain nameless to respect their privacy.

10 Responses to “shrewd cats see the show…”

  1. I think we are everything and not just one thing, the mirror lies you know 🙂

    I like this one as well!! Enjoy your respite

    • Well, the mirror just shows what you think you see, same as a lot of other things in life, Personally, I would get rid of mirrors altogether, but nobody has come to ask my opinion on the subject. Plus shaving would be difficult… lol. Hope all is well,, thanks for the kindness,


  2. Baby Turtle To Shimmering Fish 123 Says:

    Very well said!

  3. I see you brought Freddy with you from the other piece. Compartmentalize. It’s fun dah mentally saner?… no no more sane well you get the pic..
    That only took 4 reads to ..smiles..

    • Well, sanity is one thing I can never claim. That aside, thanks for reading through it so many times. It takes a while, but it is not just random words, that much I can promise. This one wasn’t dream like, rather a descriptive piece on the slow unraveling of a relationship. I wo’t spell it out in detail, but it is my take on what happens when two people lost trust in each other. Glad you enjoyed, you are a sharp witted fellow. Hope all is well in the world of fish & boats,


  4. friends forever. smiles
    cloth naked fear of
    the unknown & wrapped
    tight. finding peace
    amongst the left-overs….

    you have special ways with your words, so powerful and beautiful flow.
    Thanks for the support…

    Happy Tuesday!


    • Thanks Jingle, it is always a happier Tuesday when you swing by. I am always glad to continue supporting the wonderful poetry community you have built both for Poetry Potluck & Thursday Rally. Thanks as well for the compliments. They are much appreciated from one poet to another! Take care of yourself and keep the poetry coming!


  5. hah! If figuring oneself out was all that easy, then we would much happier individuals…
    But then, here we are; one moment happy and satisfied, crazy the next!

    I may not know the reason for this poem, but I sure know the feeling alright!
    But it’s a good thing you keep writing, and venting it out.. don’t you think?! 🙂

    • I only wish it was that easy. Glad you could identify with the poem, always nice to find that connection with a reader. I do keep writing just to get my emotional release/vent a little.

      “here we are; one moment happy and satisfied, crazy the next!” Truer words never spoken. Glad you liked the poem & I will try to post something later today for new reading material. Since life took a rather curious turn about a week or so ago, I am sure I’ll be writing about it all sooner or later. Take it easy & thanks for the support,


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