watch it fall (trowell strikes back)…

(Look, I don’t know what all the lyrics mean. I’m just playing compare/contrast with flowers & pellets. Took a pocketful during the set-break and went right back to work. Nothing went as planned, which makes it a somewhat routine expression of satisfaction. I could complain, but who’d listen.)

Movers and shakers, the human bot-net mentality, takes over from there. The herd is not wise in any traditional sense, just brilliant at moments passing into critical mass. Well, they give off the appearance of brilliance, and at this stage of development, that is probably a good thing. Symbolic gestures are better than nothing. This is the social contract at a base level. There is no room for impermanence, only authority is forever. The message will be hammered home as needed, until a change in mind.

(Movement is constricted both in the social and individual sense; pressure builds until it finds sufficient force in the release intoxicants blazed into existence by some welcome chemical reaction. Passive acceptance of denial isn’t in my nature, nor is letting some dumb-fuck make decisions that are just as easily made here, at the home office. That being said, there isn’t always a choice to be made. Sometimes you just have to wake up after pushing it as far as it’ll go and smile. Coffee doesn’t have to be the best part of waking up.)

Artists are subject to the same gravity as everyone else, and if there is one thing that cannot be tolerated, it is dissent in any form. As the belly of the beast slowly discovers the cat is out of the bag, it will not react well. It’s really more of a question of when & who than of if. Same as ever.

2 Responses to “watch it fall (trowell strikes back)…”

  1. Isn’t that why artists, real artists are damned to the unearthing of the essence of a thing.. whatever it be…the exposure of impartial raw truth ?

    • I agree with what you are saying in the sense that artists are generally the canary in the coalmine for the world, as Vonnegut used to say. It is hard to accept that after working for so many thousands of hours I have some right to even call myself an artist, let alone a poet. I suppose it is all in how you identify yourself. At any rate, good to hear from you. I always appreciate your comments. Hope all is well,


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