what sammy said to randy…

what sammy said to randy

sammy said to randy
“i can think up a million reasons
to get drunk tonight. i like that.
someting nice bout justifiably
tying one on. seems like the
kind of night for it, nothing
wrong with that.”

randy looked at sammy,
laughed without agreeing
n’ said “naw. not a
motherfuckin’ thing. except
for your fucking groundhog
day existence & insistence
of irrational paranoia. do you have
any idea how much that
pisses everyone off except

sammy smiled back at
randy and drowsily said
“yeah, i can sympathize.
but like you said,
i’m gonna forget
about this tomorrow.
guess that’s the way
it goes”

randy nodded gravely,
resigned himself to the
same old arguments,
pulling on a cigarette
for what seemed like
a million years &
blasting smoke into
a cloud above the
counter of the diner.
he thought to himself,
sammy could be a good
guy when he wasn’t
busy being such
a prick.


Guy walks into a diner and sits down. Can anyone drink coffee and smoke anymore? What a bunch of fascist pigs. Characters based on people-watching at the local International House of Pancakes and listening in on discussions I had no business eavesdropping on. Sorry, but lets be honest, none of you eavesdroppees will ever read this, so my compunction is somewhat limited. Just so you know. Fairness and disclosure and whatnot.

6 Responses to “what sammy said to randy…”

  1. belladonna23 Says:

    can anyone drink coffee and smoke anymore?…not unless in the safety of their own bitterness, addiction, and home.
    i just finished this poem.
    maybe you’ll like it…i have a feeling that Sammy would

  2. Funny verse, my friend!

  3. Flannel By Any Other Name Says:

    Overall, I must say that the way you translate your observations and insights into written form is remarkable!

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