for what it’s worth…

i know better

i’m healing slow;
throttling down on the
poison to keep the
process going.
misty rain
keeps up the
appearance of water,
but i know better.

it could be one of so
many, so much,
& i’m raw-bone tired.
shit. ain’t nothing new.
same problem as ever;
expectations. shot my
foot accordingly.

i couldn’t make a list
or anything; a lot,
all-at-once is all i know. how
dispiriting it can be
waitin’ onna phone
to ring. gotta bend
the mind around it, one
way or ‘nother.

misty rain
keeps up the
appearance of water.
i know better.


2 Responses to “for what it’s worth…”

  1. Baby Turtle To Shimmering Fish123 Says:

    How precious you are…let these words surround and comfort you!

    • Thanks dude. Makes me feel better about the whole thing (by which I mean the poem.) I’m used to being caught off-guard by life, but this was just ridiculous. Well, that is what poetry is for, to comfort and strengthen when everything else goes to shite. Hope all is going well,


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