tin angels came out of hiding…

sunday’s angels

it had to be sunday.
by the time we’d found
something approaching
consciousness, four days
had been sucked from
the vortex through the black-
hole & out the other side.

indeterminate origins
of a morning like this;
back after 72 hours
as if it was the new normal.
it wasn’t, but
old habits die hard.

new scars give off the
impression that something
happened before brain
caught up with my body.
a dark t-shirt over
& a long sleeve
undershirt hides the
obvious problem,
but we’re gonna need
something stronger to
regain control over
the dominion of the
foggy morning.

this ain’t waiting;
’cause i don’t wait.
pullin’ strings, hoping
something comes
out right. four days come
& gone; hope pinned to
some potent
sunday medicine to
combat whatever’s
going on. fear can be
a great motivator;
so can hope.


Learning the difference between waking up after a nightmare & waking up after a dream is an important skill to master. Same old tricks everywhere. Waking up to a day like this is a mean spirited joke. Fits my cruel sense of humor well.



Inspired by a crazy weekend that still has a ways to go. Thanks for the rescue, I cannot tell you how badly I needed that.

14 Responses to “tin angels came out of hiding…”

  1. Craziness exposes hidden inspiration. It’s true, but I wish it wasn’t. Here’s to a happy ending.

  2. Minds At Play Says:

    The use of the term “tin angels” implies something of a personal nature – so I hope everything is O.K. If it is any help, troubled people who do not take responsibility for their own lives try to place blame and control others. They have no concern for the damages they cause. You used the words “vortex” and “black hole”, I use the words “emotional abyss” to describe this kind of situation.

    • I’ve been meditating on this comment for a few days in an attempt to give you the right answer. Everything is OK, in the sense that once I calm down a bit and stop acting like a chicken with his head cut-off there are no catastrophic implosions currently scheduled. As for the taking responsibility bit…that is a weird issue with me. I’ll take the blame for the shit that’s gone wrong, and any damage done is always dealt with by patching up the injuries, but that term you used emotional abyss’ fits perfectly here. The way I see it, you do the best you can at being who you are, and that’s all there is.

      As for the troubled people part, well, who doesn’t have troubles in this day & age? I’ve said it before, and I will stick by it…”You do the best you can at the edge of the Milky Way.” It ain’t ideal, but why make the good the enemy of the perfect, right?

      Hope this explains things somewhat & lets you know that all is ok. Take it easy,


      • Minds At Play Says:

        Your response was very thoughtful. Very glad that you are O.K., but such turmoil is definitely not good for you. Sounds like you do try to do the best that you can and that is all one may ask of another human being. By troubled, I meant very troubled. In life we are fortunate when another person finds us to be imperfectly perfect in his/her mind’s eye. I liked the expression you used – “why make the good the enenmy of the perfect”. Sincerely hope that everything is more peaceful for you in the days ahead.

  3. You’re right, figuring out the difference between a nightmare and dream is necessary. I really liked the poem, very good imagery.

    “four days
    had been sucked from
    the vortex through the black-
    hole & out the other side”

    Those lines made me think of the movie “Donnie Darko”, and it may be weird but it is one of my favorite movies. Time travel and all that.

    • Loved Donnie Darko. (Took place not far from here, can’t remember what neighborhood (guy who wrote it was from here aka) Liked the slow version of ‘Mad World’ in that movie. It isn’t quite waking up because you didn’t quite go to sleep but you were gone all the same…does that make sense? Good to hear from you, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the reference,


  4. Scent of my heart Says:

    fear can be a great motivator, so can hope …

    • I know, but which is more powerful? From watching the rest of the world, I have to say fear. Having one those ‘what’s the point’ moments. Yawn. Too early/cold too try and think. Now there is snow on the damn ground of all places… Well, hope all is well with you, i’ll save my rant for later… lol.


  5. Are our dreams portents of the future or reruns of our past? Either way they are scary sometimes! I enjoyed the flow of this poem.


  6. love the optimism side, despite darkness in life, we can always see light at the right time with the right conditions…
    keep dreaming,
    keep hoping..


    • Thanks Jingle, glad you liked it. I am trying to stay on the positive side of life on the theory that sooner or later I’ll bust out of my rut and get back in the high-life again…as the song goes. lol.


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