help wanted…

help wanted

sunset in december, after
the best part of the day
has flown off to join with
the nebulous past.
questions that began as
wake-up calls have
all been answered &
split the scene. i’m trying
to learn & sleep
at the same time with
varying degrees of success.

i finally figured it out myself
when i couldn’t keep anything
running on schedule. missing
the usual set of trusted hands
in the aftermath of her self-
actualization. usually i’m spot-on
for that kind of thing; musta
missed it when you said you were
leavin’. help wanted or needed.

caught me off guard, to say
the least. you were the best
Ms. Fix-It i’d ever found &
i’m reeling around the room,
trying to say something
that’ll make it all make sense.
gonna be tough to keep
everything running on time,
soaked to the bone in places
& times you’d barely
broken a sweat.

of course,
you were the best.


Dedicated & inspired by another nameless unidentified source. Damn near impossible to convince anyone of anything these days. Well, you try. What else is there? I’m out for a few hours of R & R, desperately deserved. Like Bruce Cockburn says, ‘you pays your money & you takes your chance. Always did like that line. Off to do some good, old fashioned mischief.

33 Responses to “help wanted…”

  1. Flannel By Any Other Name Says:

    Everyone has that “all thumbs” feeling at one time or another – totally understand dude.
    Good old fashioned mischief…bet you shine at that!

    • I’d like to think mischief is well within my skill set, though at the moment it is limited to watching Bruce Springsteen playing ‘The Seeger Sessions’ too loud for this hour of the night. Lame, I know. Used to be so much easier to find fun at 1am…

      Glad ya dug the poem, and yeah, all thumbs would be the perfect term. Catch ya later gater.


  2. life is full of wonders and unexpected distractions..
    well expressed emotions.
    beautiful imagery.
    have fun in the rally.

  3. Scent of my heart Says:

    I read that the other day and I liked it, but words for comment didn’t come for some reason. I read it now again, I like it again and no words again… Hope you had good time doing mischief/smiles/ and hopefully you got the help wanted.

    • Well, I got the patience I needed to wait on the help, but the smiles & mischief are flowing liberally. Was out running errands in the snow when I had another idea for a poem. Also, I got Casablanca on Blu-Ray, so happy days for me! Hope you’re doing well on your strike infused day off,


      • Scent of my heart Says:

        I love Casablanca, now that you say that I haven’t seen it in a while I might do that tonight. Lucky you with the snow/cooold/ we have rain here and I’m happy I was mostly at home. Waiting for your new inspiration in words…

      • You should absolutely watch Casablanca ASAP! I just finished it again and it was as perfect as ever. OK, back to trying to come up with some good poetry for you to read & title! Catch ya in a bit,


  4. Nice thoughts, beautiful words
    Here’s my poetry
    !! Happy Rally !!

  5. another good one… bit of self-deprecation is good for ya (as long as it’s in good fun…). One or two too many I/me/my words made it feel so personal to you that I probably would have identified wit it more if you’d removed many as you could (without losing the sense, of course).

    But great piece, enjoyed it. You do manage to write a lot (and they’re not four-liners either). Wish I had that energy for it

    Catch you further down dude

    • Luke – I seriously owe you a visit. Time has been flying lately through some fault of my own. As to writing a lot; well, I think that once you learn to speak poetry as a language in and of itself (like English, French, Esperanto, etc) it is just trying to decide what is worth writing about. Just how I think of it.

      As to the poem itself, you may be right. Will play with it again later and see what comes out. Thanks for dropping by man, will see you over at your place next time for some commentary on your excellent poetry followed by a quick laugh of undetermined origin. I’m already looking forward to it. Take is easy my friend,


  6. A very connected piece of work. You got the goods.

    • Thanks man. I take that as a high compliment. Only oxygen is more important to me than poetry (yeah, I’m a total poetry nerd.) take it easy, and thanks again. Working on something new instead of dinner tonight, hopefully posting prior to the game tonight.


  7. A very enjoyable read, I always like seeing thoughts on the page. I could feel the emotion behind the thoughts. Good job!

  8. I enjoyed the relaxed and real feel of the language

  9. Excellent write thank you for sharing.

  10. A little gentle humor and some mischief … these are good. The poem has a solid, honest quality that is endearing.

  11. beautiful.

  12. amazing words!=D Happy Rally 😀

  13. Beautiful poem. 🙂 My favourite lines are: i’m trying/to learn & sleep/at the same time with/varying degrees of success. We never seem to know what we’ve got til we’ve lost it.

  14. belladonna23 Says:

    the ambiguous term of “help wanted” really sets off the mood. nice one

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  17. It’s so beautiful.

    Happy new year!!

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