welcome to tomorrow…

coming soon

the clocks are
of screaming;
day had come n’ gone,
here it is tomorrow,
good news
to the extreme;
whatever’s been lost
is now officially part
something called yesterday.
it can’t touch us now
& we’re not really sure
what it is.

you don’t have to
understand anything to find
impossible to guess the change,
all we know is gone is gone so
you can’t lose the same game
twice. formulaic relief is
better than nothin’;
time passes, &
yesterday’s burns are
today’s scars, then gone

friends pledged hopeful hospitliians
& whatever help can be spared;
kindness from every corner
helps me back to my feel
in ways only a friends grasp
can. gratitude is no theory
for me & my friends.

every clock in the apartment
swears it’s tomorrow.
my first day back workin’ solo,
& i’m done fearing
that guy in the mirror.
by tomorrow, time
to re-roll & ya can’t
lose twice.
ain’t nothing to fear/
can’t ask
for more than that,


Dedicated to clocks, sleeping, and recovery. Inspired by the cat across the street hoping to be let in the house with no luck. Wish i could help him but all I can do is extend sympathies and toss snacks his way, which he ignores due to lack of trust. Still, I root for the cat. I am a total sucker for underdogs of every type & stripe.

5 Responses to “welcome to tomorrow…”

  1. Hey crb,
    its great how you explore time (today, yesterday and tomorrow) in this poem. I think these three are perfect complements to life. As you aptly put:

    “yesterday’s burns are
    today’s scars, then gone

    Its formulaic and expected, but better than not having anything. I see the sources of inspiration in your poem. Its an interesting way of putting things together.


    • Sorry, meant to rely earlier but got lost in the shuffle of life. Do you think the poem itself is formulaic? (It’s ok, I’m just curious to see if it needs to be changed.)

      Glad you can see the inspiration, I do feel like that comes through well. Take care, and keep writing!


      • Hey Crb,
        Nope, I don’t think your poem is formulaic. I meant the structure of life as you presented it. The whole yesterday, today and tomorrow pattern. I was referring to the section I quoted from your poem.


  2. Baby Turtle To Shimmering Fish123 Says:

    Endearing sentiments expressed in the third stanza…me thinks so anyway!

    • Nothing like finding support wherever you can! Yet another reason I am so happy for all the kindness shown by everyone who comments, especially the regulars (y’all know who you are 🙂


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