almost like menechino…

building permits

you’ll be thanking me.
i was gonna go with
a long,
drawn out,
poor me prose rambling
’bout endings & this
& that. seemed
sensible enough at the

four frigid cigarettes
later i knew there
was no reason
to fall apart
on myself now.
(irony is free,
as always.)

bumps & pot-holes
on the road; nobody
promised an easy ride.
right now,
feelin’ this strong
for a moment,
it’ll be okay.

after all, there are
possibilities &
the perfect
chance to rebuild.

no reason to take
more than needed;
no reason to ruin
a good thing &
right now, i can
use all the good
karma i can get
my hands on.


Dedicated to someone who taught me something important tonight. Inspired by Bruce Cockburn, who is always the right man for music when it absolutely positively has to be the right song; ‘Peggy’s Kitchen Wall.’

7 Responses to “almost like menechino…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    may you have all the good karma you need … another brilliant piece here!

    • Thanks, though I suspect you are being a touch generous with this poem; the more I re-read it, the more I see little bits n pieces to edit. Ahhhhhhh Yawn. Put it on my to-do list. Seriously, glad you liked it. Hope you are having a fine evening (I think, not sure) Take care,


      • Scent of my heart Says:

        Yes, I’m a generous person, but not when it comes to express an opinion, there I hit honesty very bad.I like your style/ I’ve said that!/, it’s something I will probably need years of writing to achieve. I don’t have education about poetry, I write only for a year and the little bits and pieces that you see to edit, I haven’t learned yet to recognize. But I can say a piece is a brilliant when I felt the words, when the sound of the poem made me reading it more than once- I did 4 times and one now 5 .. so I guess it’s brilliant … You should write a poem with name “Perfection in lyrics”, to say what’s perfect for you .. when something is brilliant, even if it’s not about perfection in poems. I now enjoy my fine evening, you have a good day!

  2. “four frigid cigarettes” can cause perspective to change which can be a good thing! Excellent weaving of words and story here.

    • Thanks much. Glad you liked it. Going out to smoke four times last night got colder as the night wore on; by the 4th cig it was, as I said, time to reevaluate, both smoking and other more symbolic considerations. Stay warm and thanks for the compliment!


  3. Minds At Play Says:

    Read through and through, from the “Almost…” to the “…Wall”. The words “there was no reason to fall apart on myself now” are very telling.
    You are unlike anyone I have ever come across in your thinking processes.

    • Well, I slide towards being very honest about how I feel/what I see/do/hear/etc. & completely full of shit about who I am. I’ll admit it makes for a strange existence at times, and hard to convince anyone of good intentions at certain critical moments. But I would like to think I’m at the very minimum a decent person; ‘dude’s not greedy’ if you know what I mean.

      Hope that partially explains some of the overall craziness. If it seems strange, don’t worry. It is. Hope you are having a good weekend and are hard at work reading & writing or just generally having a good time.


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