late night shower scene…

2 a.m. in the shower

from the seething-
hot water of a 2 a.m.
shower i stepped out a
brand-new man at 3.
clean soap hung in
the steamy air while
watery stardust & sweat
run down the drain,
saying all there is to say
about the past 24 hours.

perennial past slides off
easily with soap-
bubbles & steaming water;
‘cept some stardust
stuck to the scar
above my spine.
you never know;
it might be useful,
& i can be damn sure
it’s clean.

usual warm water razor-
shave trims everything
but my chin. careless
seconds are spent
eyeballing a face in
the mirror & makin’
sure everything is
in the right place.
moving amongst an
assemblage of earrings,
necklaces, & clothes; all
the while feeling
more tomorrow than today.

nothing left to do
but assume some
rambunctious normality.
another 18 hours & it’ll
be an answer instead of
a guess.

23 Responses to “late night shower scene…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    That was rather vivid. You probably had your own message to pass here, which is for sure different than what I have in mind … I felt the read pretty suave, but that’s just me and my obsession with showers and men having showers!

    • I’m not sure how to answer if there is a ‘message’ in the poem or not. The idea of ‘getting clean’ is one of those symbolic gold-mines that can be used in a million ways. In this poem, the reason the imagery is so razor sharp is that the shower and getting dressed are symbolic of cleaning off of the rejection of the week. I wanted strong language to illustrate that the narrator is basically scrubbing off his old skin to step into a new one.

      Anyhow, that was too long winded for a snowy day….lol. Yeah, to say my mind is in a weird place lately is an understatement… Take it easy & thanks for reading,


  2. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    Great images combined with amazing thoughts. I enjoyed reading!

  3. I like the ending…it will be an answer instead of a guess..

    Life is like a box of chocolate…lol

    Nice piece!

    • Glad you liked the end of the poem. Always easier after-the-fact when guesses turn into answers but until you get there, you just have to try and stay clean. Thanks for reading,


  4. lol, I think I sort of read what you wished to portray, the cleaning of past into a new you/life/world. But I reflected and appreciated the end the best. I guess we are each touched in different ways from a story/piece/poem. In each we seek a mirror of ourselves…

    • “In each we seek a mirror of ourselves…” I think this is the truest thing I have come across in the last few days and it def. bears some more time thinking about. That’s what makes the nuance of writing poetry so interesting; there is room for both the main narrative as well as the finer points of subtlety that reflect so many different ways of communicating.

      Thanks much for reading, and for the food for thought. Take it easy,


  5. Enjoyed this thoroughly! The last verse is the best of all, really wraps up things and gives a sense of mystery I guess. I somehow feel the clean feeling can be very symbolic to life in general. Sometimes we all just need that “clean” feeling to get some clarity.

    • Stoked you enjoyed the poem. Seems like everyone enjoyed the final stanza the most, but as you pointed out, without building the image around cleansing of all the bad karma/mistakes/rejection/etc. there is no way to get to that ‘clean’ feeling or to find any clarity. The fatal flaw of dualism = you can’t have the yin without the yang.

      Great to hear from you, hope you are doing fine on this snowy Thursday and have some fun weekend activities planned. Take it easy,


  6. Baby Turtle to Shimmering Fish 123 Says:

    Enjoyed reading all of the commentary this poem generated!

    • Yeah. For a poem inspired by the need to clean up a mess that was all my fault it’s kinda ironic it touched home for so many. Well, at least the poetry part is fun; the inspiration part felt like getting my heart torn out. They grow back, right?


  7. Baby Turtle to Shimmering Fish 123 Says:

    Your question reminds of lines from one of my favorite novels read long ago titled “Jane Eyre”. Edward Rochester says, ‘…and now I flatter myself I am hard and tough as an Indian rubber ball; pervious, through a chink or two still, and with one sentient point in the middle of the lump. Yes: does that leave hope for me?’

    • That has been the question of late; does that leave hope? So far, I think it does. As long as I have poetry I know I can get through anything. Hope you have a fun weekend planned, high hopes for high hopes! Thanks as always,


      • Baby Turtle to Shimmering Fish 123 Says:

        Apparently I’m not sleepy yet, watching/listening to YouTube -OrtoPilot’s Advent Calendar – very nice,,,

        Wishing you a very nice weekend also!

  8. Baby Turtle to Shimmering Fish 123 Says:

    I believe that a heart having hope may rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Your method of working through things suits you well. Constructive use of energy as opposed to destruction is always better in my humble opinion. At the moment watching Craig Ferguson on TV. And on the “net” viewing some photos of a concert, as well as some taken at a Borders store, reading your newest poem, and some poems by – so I think that is a good start!

    • I’ll have to check out that site. I’m always looking for something new to read. Most definitely glad to be included in your regimen, that seems quite a compliment. Funny you mention constructive vs destructive, as I spent a fair amount of time yesterday cleaning up the mess I made of the house before finding some rational control. When shit happens, I guess the best you can do is hope it doesn’t happen on you. But making a BIGGER mess to lean up won’t help. That I know. lol.


      • Baby Turtle To Shimmering Fish123 Says:

        Really not a regimen as I like to enjoy my free time without feeling stressed. Yesterday into this AM though saw some things which caused my mind to ponder about what all goes on out yonder… I’m pretty straight forward and generous with compliments – I enjoy and am intrigued by what you do!

  9. Gettin “clean” of the past or recent past very vivid here. I had to read it a few time … which is a good thing … “another 18 hours and I’ll be an answer, not a guess” … Love this … might be feeling beat down, but your going to pick-up and move on …

    Good stuff. Well done. Never seem to get over here enough.

    • Glad you dug that line, it came to me from the image of a clock measuring a day. Life indeed keeps on as always, always thrilled to see you over here. I should be reading your site more often but I will get over there soon. Very stoked you enjoyed the poem, have a good weekend,


  10. gotta say i disagree with a lot of the above in that i like the first bit of the poem best, up to the lines where “perennial past slides off
    easily with soap-
    bubbles & steaming water;
    ‘cept some stardust
    stuck to the scar
    above my spine.” damn, i like those lines.

    • Always glad when you drop by duder. Those words were very much cut from a larger, denser paragraph trying to describe losing one piece of a life but keeping a reminder even while you rebuild. Sounds almost senseless when it happens that way, but ah well, happens a lot to many people. Glad you dug those lines & the poem(!), hope all is well in the world of arspoetica,


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