so long…

so long

didn’t take so long
to slide into a pair
of eyes that smiled
without knowing why.

intonation of inclination
(far short of
Orwellian by any means);
gettin’ informally expatriated
without ceremony can
sneak up on anyone.
my first reaction was a
sardonic laugh. right now,
plenty to laugh about.

televised music pushes
steadycool air around
retro-eyes; clears any
tears scratched
by smoke from falling.
a sugarsmile easily
covers up any
out-of-sync visual

with requisite new eyes,
(old eyes saw the same,
though sometimes reached
alternate conclusions) the
volume of music increases,
covering up sight
from new eyes vying for
attention from the
change in perspective,
so long until the road
bends around.

it’ll get comfortable,
one of these days. changed
perspective counts for
something; even if none
of us knows quite what it

2 Responses to “so long…”

  1. Minds At Play Says:

    Up late…time just flew by this sevening, I think extra coffee will be required when I wake up! Very insightful lines – don’t know about that “sardonic laugh” though… Goodnight!

  2. Scent of my heart Says:

    I like the eyes that smile. Keep the smile …

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