looking for the sharpest claws…

tiger claws

if there are any tiger-claws
waiting to hunt for those
subtle, closed-eye
respirations before attacking
& killing in the night
are gonna have
to wait.

calm from a lucky run-
in with a self-rolled cigarette
& sedated with that
high class mix of sedentary
medication, it’s turtles
all the way down.

there are tiger claws
in the night, sharper
with every visit. let ’em
come already;
this far gone i’m
’bout ready for anything,
even if it
already happened,
or only might be

even tiger claws
alone at night.


Dedicated to the Mechanic. We fight on because what you said today is right. We ain’t gonna let the bastards get us down. Thanks man, helps to get some pride back.

3 Responses to “looking for the sharpest claws…”

  1. Whoa! This just moves along. Night time terrors asuaged by chemicals. Nice work as always.

    Thanks for your Facebook invit. Took mine down last year, but will possible go up again around the end of January. If so will certainly link in.

    Poem on …

    • No worries about the FB, I can understand why people take down their pages. I took my personal page offline and now just use FB for connecting with readers.

      Glad you liked the poem, and apologies for the late reply. It has been a mind blowing weekend but back to grind for now. Hope all is well,


  2. Love the construction of this and the little ending. Your poetry is unique in style!

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