collective vision of extreme psychosis…

same as ever

breathing way too
fast & hearts pounding &
everything is too
hot or cold.
too late to
care now;
don’t sweat giving in.

close enough to
see, even
feel. touched
in salt air
along this,
battered coastline
your hip thrust
is so
much acceptance
i wanna explode.

way too long playing
all-night paranoia games,
chasing chasing chasing
moments of interaction.

i’m diggin’ it.
chase halted contact,
lick me
bite me, dig
those fingernails,
across my back
’till i’m bleeding
& i’ll give it all back
you might trust me;
chase chase chase

i’ll be much better tomorrow.

I was gonna leave the poem untitled but a suggestion from someone who didn’t know I write poems was the perfect answer to the question. I rarely write sexually themed poems but I read a bunch of them on other people’s pages and figured why the fuck not? Throw in some references to torrential substance abuse and this is what you get. I mean, personally, I walk the straight and narrow (I can barely type that without laughing, just so you know.) These days you can never be too careful. (laughing really hard again.) In my defense, this is a LOT of fun.

9 Responses to “collective vision of extreme psychosis…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    That was ……….

    • I have been accused of being a salacious fellow before…lol Being newly single for the first time in a long time, you know, why the fuck not? Unless you thought it was too “out there.” I’m thinking of using it for my submission on Wednesday for One Shot. Is that too much? Fuck it, sounds like a plan to me.


  2. Nothing like turning out substance and having fun while you do it!

  3. straight and narrow..
    if you’re lousy at anything it’s at being liar.. now I am laughing. :))

    you wear ‘this’ rather well by the way!

    • I suck at lying. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t lie for shit. Glad you are laughing, it is the best reaction I can hope for. Thanks for swinging through, glad you liked the poem itself. Thanks for swinging through even if I can’t return the favor. Come along anytime.


  4. LOL…yep you may have lost your mind!!! LOL. I was laughing before I read that you were laughing lol…
    For some reason, I sense a serious want for writing this seriously yet you were taking it quite lightly…chase harder :p lol
    Nice read as usual, thanks 🙂

    • My biggest wish is to be a poet someday. You are correct in your perceptions, I take the act of writing very seriously. It is life that I refuse to take seriously. I think it helps my poetry though, and I’m glad you liked it. I’m always stoked when people read anything I’ve written, all the moreso if they like it! Thanks for the visit and compliments, and if I find my mind, I will let everyone know immediately.


      ps – I will chase harder next time. Thanks for that one!

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