never in a million years…

getting dressed

“it ain’t a damn game;
i hate those fuckin’ games”
she said with a smile;
then she outplayed me
without breakin’ a sweat.
i wasn’t surprised
until her tattoo
smiled & hissed
at me for staring.

i wonder ’bout the
look on her face
in the morning as
she’s prepping
to face a world
rebuilt & collapsed too
many times to count.

she’s never had a poem
written about her
& i’ll never be the one
who writes those magic words.
i’m left to wonder
what those tattoos look
like in the morning sun
as she rebuilds again.


For Mystery. Watching from a distance is as close as I’ll get but I sure am glad to know ya. Kind of like that NRBQ song “Ridin’ In My Car.” Strange resemblances everywhere tonight. At least I’m laughing; something must be funny. (Now Mystery, you can’t say shit. I win.)

4 Responses to “never in a million years…”

  1. Minds At Play Says:

    Understood the poem, but not the commentary – it is a mystery…

    • It was written for a friend. The whole story of this poem is a set of texts between that author & a friend. It was just a joke that went too far and turned into a poem. I had a friend who said she’d never had a poem written for her, so I obliged. Kind of a funny story now that I think about it. Thanks for reading hope all is well.


  2. lol, nice twist…I like the imagery of the tatoo smiling and hissing back at you! lol cool!

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