hi, my name is…


nobody said anything
about leftover dragons
in the morning. it’s not
that i’m opposed to
being burnt and clawed,
why let it
happen on purpose?

there’s no denying it; it’s
a goddamn mystery that
we’re still battling with
nothing at stake.
you can’t even get odds
on shit like that.

sense lookin’ for a few
wounds that wouldn’t
impress an emergency
room nurse; i ain’t lookin’
for a pity fuck.
yet. smoke may rise.

i’m sittin’ on my porch,
smoking a cigarette &
watching the sunrise
& smiling.
i know,
if i try hard enough,
i can be a
dragon too. ain’t
got any other


6 Responses to “hi, my name is…”

  1. unremarkable_m Says:

    nothing wrong with being a dragon..
    email me would you please C.

  2. Scent of my heart Says:

    The top title is pretty tricky … I love dragons …

    • Top title is just the blog post title. Poem title is usually in quote in bold. This poem represents a weeks worth of fear of being alone. Being newly single for the first time in a long time is just weird. Oh well, fuck it, right? lol Always makes my day to see your avatar B. Take care!


      • Scent of my heart Says:

        I’ve been there, the first few days in the single world are quite scary, but then you find all the benefits and somehow being alone is not the worst thing on the world, there is a saying from Ch.Bukowski about it, can’t remember the whole quote word by word right now, but something like … “there are worse things than being alone but it often takes decades to realize this and when you do it’s too late and there’s nothing worse than too late” … and I’m sure there will be someone for you again, there is for all of us! smiles!

  3. I think you ought to consider writing about your cigarettes, lol. I keep on waiting for it to pop up and it does, lol. I wonder what it might be like without it….hmm lol, just sharing thoughts on the write…
    I like the way you write…just checking in again 🙂

    • Thanks much for all the comments! You kick ass and are definitely reader of the day. So, that being the case, tonight’s topic will be cigarettes. Glad you like the way I write, always happy to hear from anyone willing to take time to read on my page. Thanks again.


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