mirabile dictu…

mirabile dictu

i quit the full-time scholarship
of blueberry buttercup after-effects,
presently unexplained,
after one too many
frustrating scuffles with the
department head. after a while,
i forgot what had pissed me off
& gave way to scrambled lethargy.

symptomatic of gravitation: eggshell
orbit & gradual acceptance
of what was heard & seen
about impossible recovery,
mirabile dictu, that kind of thing.

3 Responses to “mirabile dictu…”

  1. —reads like a hot mess, but I like, I really like…reread it three x as well lol

  2. blueberry buttercups aftereffects – great line

    Also really like tis couple of lines that end the forst stanza, they make a lot of sense to me and couldn’t have been put better:

    i forgot what had pissed me off
    & gave way to scrambled lethargy. >great line, can so relate to this.

    Fine piece, Sir. Ha! Funny that you witnessed one of the argument threads on the huge unmoderated FB Group Poetry. There are many of those scraps on there. To many egos. I prefer the smaller closed groups liek Facial Expression, people are their for the poetry, and feedback is honest but not abusive. Don’t get the timewasters and nutbars. My problem is that I can’t ever just walk away from people like that. I have to fight my corner… I ha=d a friend request just after that from a woman who also witnessed it and thought it was very entertaining and that that woman Esther was a fruitloop. It’s not the first time she’s been like that. Last time she said, a week later, “oh that? That was just PMT”. She was extremely abusive to several of us (much worse than the thread you saw).

    Cheers dude

    • Good to hear from you. Don’t apologize for that board, that was some funny shit. I suck ass at remembering to check FB but that provided some solid humor and I can always use that.

      Glad you dug the poem too. I am trying to keep it light right now as I think the world has about all the “I’m losing my shit” poems I was writing for a few weeks. Well, off to write some more (like I ever do anything else these days…)


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