walkin’ into walls…

don’t be so hard on yourself

“so, every part of
the great cycle,
i guess?”

i suppose there’s
something to be said
for supplication after

not the re-birthing kind;
just an occasional head-
nod to the great unknown.

i can’t go so far as to say
it’s all for a greater purpose,
but would it matter if it were?

nobody thinks about reasons
to be lazy anymore.


Dedicated to the great unknown. Don’t be fooled. I still think you’re a son of a bitch, but then, that’s probably why they call you the great unknown.

3 Responses to “walkin’ into walls…”

  1. This is wonderful! The samples of your poetry that I have read have a fresh, honest take on life and portray it in such a raw way that I can’t help but feel that I am right there with you.

    I just discovered your blog via Jingle and I nominated you for a Perfect Poet award. I hope you accept!

    • Thanks Lauren. I went and checked out your blog, very cool. You’ve quite the developing voice. As to awards, first off, thanks for the nomination. Totally made my day. Secondly, I do the award thing on a hit or miss basis. I write a lot and try to comment back on every comment I rec., plus comment on as many other poets as possible per week. Hence, time is short and life is, as I’m sure you are aware, a clusterfuck. However, you seem like an awesomely nice person and I really do appreciate the kind words. You kick ass, and please continue to do so. Glad you liked the site, hope you keep reading.


  2. lol, nobody!!!!! lol…loved it…lol

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