accidents of elocution…

repeat offender part 6

gotta love that timing;
mouth of the subway speaks,
& i’m the only one
who heard a damn thing.
couldabeen a motherfucking
tragedy, if it’d had anything
important to say.

even when it wasn’t
a wasn’t funny joke,
it was something along
those lines of utter
incomprehensibility spoken
durin’ a xenophobia contest
between two retards;
there’s usually a point.

instead of hanging on
’till the unveiling of king shit (of turd
mountain fame) there
comes a time to leave such
debonair affairs in the past
& move on to the next; ever
assuming next is at least different,
despite accumulating evidence
to the contrary.


There are no typo’s in this, whatever you might be thinking.

6 Responses to “accidents of elocution…”

  1. hmmmm interesting!! food for thought…have a great one!

  2. he he he duder he he he, sweeeeeeeeet I like1 🙂
    Anytime CF 🙂

  3. your words are deep, love your style..keep it up…

    Season’s Greetings!
    You are nominated the celebrate poet of 2010 award, you win one vote, if you nominate other poets, you win another vote 4 yourself, in addition, voting helps you exposed to other poets and make new friends in our community. Hope to see you vote..
    Merry Christmas,
    Hope to See you at potluck week 16 tomorrow…
    We will have a break after week 16, and come back on week 18…
    Your support means a world to us..

    • Thanks J, always good to hear from ya. Hope you had a good holiday and I will be in full on poet mode starting Jan 1st. Till then, thanks for the nom, I will try to vote time permitting. Take care, catch ya later,


  4. Scent of my heart Says:

    Good one, frustration comes out from here … I like better the other of your favorite

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