empty wallet…

jokermans’ last request

tourniquet solutions
nurse cursed daytime
i wonder
who deals
the easiest
around here?
i got a 7 mile smile
ready to dig through
guts & blood
‘n if i hafta,
clouds & wind.

every smile
signs my attenuated
relaxation. right now
you don’t gotta be
to smile,
but it
doesn’t hurt.


“Ted; Don’t forget to wind your watch.”

9 Responses to “empty wallet…”

  1. I wonder if “relaxation” really meant “resignation” here 😉
    whheeww… what a life!

    • Interesting point. I actually thought about resignation but used relaxation for the incumbent symbolism. Resignation would have made it more of an inside joke type of smile rather than the thinned-out public smile this was meant to be. Either way, glad you liked the poem. Thanks for the visit, always nice to hear from ya!


  2. Smile and the world smiles with you…

    • This is true, especially when the world os waiting on YOU to smile 🙂 lol Great to see you around, hadn’t heard from you in a while. Hope you are having a most excellent evening, and got some good plans to ring in the new year.


      • H2O Buddy Says:

        Read once that the body’s process in making a smile possible actually does cause you to physically feel better, even if it is a “fake” smile.

  3. belladonna23 Says:

    i wish i had that 7 mile smile… jokerman or not, a smile is a smile

    • Well, if you don’t mind me asking, whats with the long face Horace? Something amiss in your end of the world? Maybe if we look around, we can find you a smile to share? Lemme know if I can help,


  4. lol…a smile is a smile is a smile, no matter what nor how!!!

    I see!

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