you comin’ in?.?.?.

standard font

i walked a million miles
waiting on someone
to ask me a
damn question i
couldn’t answer.

most of my tangled
history is whatever
it is, but there’s
no answer when i ring
that bell. no more
scrap-books here.

i’m smilin’ heavy,
cause usually it’s
recognized for what it
ain’t; my stereotypical
freak-out along
checkout counters
at a local porn shop.

girl at the counter
seems smart.
first impressions, right?

“hey darlin’ you
got tomorrow off
& wanna come along
with me? i can show
what i know,
if you’ll ask that
question & lemme
see your puzzle piece.

ask that question,
ring that bell, tell
me this ain’t more than
the tip of blinding
sun-style over substance.

i’ll play fox
or hound; don’t
really matter. it’s all some
fantasy of perfection ‘tll
masks fall off. ask that
question & make ’em
you & me.

catch me curious,
you don’t have to wait;
doors are locked so
jump the fuckin’ gate.


For LBTL on what I can only call a dare. Gimme something else, I like this game. Late night hijinks used to be my best face. I can usually get the girl at the counter to blush; can you throw a smile across a room? What a cynical question; of course you can. Inspired by 2 chance conversations with the girl who works the counter at MVC Late Night Video. She said she was impossible to live with and I thought otherwise and told her so. There are some fascinating folk out there.

Dedicated to someone long gone from my world but still in my heart whenever Stabbing Westward comes on. “Yup yup, fuck Mandy.” She was crazy and fuck me do I love crazy. (no, nobody will understand that quote ‘cept my brother in arms, and he’s not reading yet.)

34 Responses to “you comin’ in?.?.?.”

  1. Enjoyed this one a lot, especially the last two verses. As usual, I come here and find myself pleasantly surprised 🙂

    • Loco gringos live to please. OK, coming over to visit ’cause I been meaning to since I got back from a trip to hell (or Boston, one of the two.) Hope all is well looking back from your monitor and I will catch you later.


  2. catch me curious,
    you don’t have to wait;
    doors are locked so
    jump the fuckin’ gate…

    perfect rhymes, lovely humor and admirable courage shown here…

    Happy Rally.
    best wishes for the year of 2011.

  3. Just because someone isn’t who you thought they were, doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate them for who they are…takes all kinds of excellent cogs to make the world go round!

    • True that, and hopefully I didn’t come off as saying I could only accept a preconceived notion. I am a freak and am always on the lookout for other square pegs in round holes. Normal is boring (you’ve heard my tirade on this subject before!!!) and I appreciate all differences; shit I usually insist upon them. The note at the end of the poem is a pretty good description of the genesis of the poem. It was written on a dare from a comment a few poems ago. LOL, looks like she’s all about you at the moment! Hope you’ve got something fun in mind for NYE. I think I still have a few poems left in me before the year is up…


      • lol, dayummmmmm, bold!!!

        “True that” lol, you’re going black on me CF!!!!

        Everything is about me, you better recognize!!!! lol

        Looking forward to the poems, shall keep me going on the long drive north (yeah I read and text while driving, bad habit)…I hope you enjoy your NYE, unsure what there is to do in Charlotte but I’ll see..

      • Tons to do in Charlotte, not sure about NYE there though. Though, if you keep driving SOUTH you will hit Key West like 18 hours after hitting Charlotte (yes, I have made that drive many times…lol.) Anyhow have a good NYE. Here in the center of the “free” world I shall be ringing in 2011 hopefully from a semi-comatose state. And is ‘true that’ really a black guy phrase? huh. interesting. I thought that had suburban white boy written all over it.

        Oh, and as for the number of maidens brought along by my swan song, lets fix it somewhere between 0 and 1. American girls don’t dig poets; just the rules of the game (though if I ever do post a pic, you’ll see why nobody would ever suspect lil ol’ me as a poet of any skill at all. lol)

        So, enjoy NYE and like Dr. Hook would say, try not to die. We aren’t done trading poems yet 🙂 Happy new years LBTL, catch on the other side of Midnight.


  4. feeling this as usual but the last parts…awesome!!!!

    “I’ll play fox or hound”…pliable, cool!
    I see openness with limitations, flexibility yet cynicism…

    contradictions…enjoyed this piece as usual…toodles!

    • I’ve been told many times I am a cynical motherfucker, so no worries there. It shows through a lot in my poetry; it is something I have to work a lot harder on to remove or at least restrict until it is the proper space for it. Glad you liked the ending…usually I don’t do rhyme scheme but thought the ending made the most sense regarding your topic. LOL, that was fun, we are gonna have to continue this game.


      • yeah! I caught the ending lol…loved the twist…

        cool, we shall if time permits…’till then hopefully you are working on that poem and we shall see how many fair maidens will take you up on it…Ciao Senore

  5. Your have an amazingly deft hand for creating a painting of a scene with words. I loved, “…blinding sun-style over substance.” Awesome!

    Happy New Year!

    • Thanks RJ. (Not sure you have seen it, but have you ever heard of a movie called UHF? I saw RJ and wanted to make an RJ Fletcher comment but didn’t know if you knew of the character.) That is beside the point. Thanks much for the compliment and also for reading. Take it easy and have a good last day of the year/ first day of the year.


  6. My sister says nothing to do in Charlotte 😦
    Yes, the phrase certainly is lol….and you were not offended…hmmmm lol
    do not ring it in that state, you might miss something…not sure what but might be important lol…
    there are lots of American girls into poetry, somewhere lol, just have to find them
    have not been to key west but will do so soon….just did an 11 hr trip in 9….tired
    pics lie…

    • Enjoy your NYE. Not sure why I should be offended but that is usually next to impossible. I also have no shame at all. (I always found it to be one of my more endearing qualities lol.) Get yourself to Key West someday, ’tis fun, to say the least.


  7. nice and sensitive 🙂

  8. satanshotel Says:

    I like the style and sense of humour in this piece…I will be back for more!

  9. I could see the funny side of poetry.Nice

  10. I can totall relate to that first verse 🙂 loved it.

    Why The Hesitation? My Rally Week 36 Poetry

  11. I like the irony – “standard font” – yeah right.

  12. Cool! some poets get too caught up being meaningful! you bring us all right back down to earth! nice poem!

  13. An excellent write…captivating.

  14. irenethebean Says:

    word to that

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