help i wanna be a poet…

hank’s warning

hank says we’ve got
to go bugfuck crazy
in dingy off-white rooms,
losing everything ‘cept
a broken mirror to be
swept up by whomever
collects the shards
of sanity & dumps ’em
in a bucket.

hank said that even if
it could be done, it
shouldn’t. too much
wreckage along the
way, too many kicks
to the gut & more bent
lead pipes than any one
man has a right to.

takes a long time, even
forever sometimes. it’s
more than a colloquial-
warning that much
better men & women
have spat blood
on clean sheets, white
pages, frayed notebooks.

BETTER poets bled
& we must bleed.
couple of us might
survive as poets, more as
something close, some barely
hanging onto the words
while the rest
give up & search
somewhere else.

the survivors will be is
impossible to know;
anyone can learn to
spit blood. going
crazy in off-white
rooms waiting for a
word is something
else entirely.


Dedicated/Inspired (for once 1 and the same) by Chinaski. Did you ever write bad poems? No? Didn’t think so.

3 Responses to “help i wanna be a poet…”

  1. Very well expressed.. you have a way with words telling the so complicated Life Story.. I come here often and get spell bound- once again.. very well expressed!!

    Here- Loads of warm wishes xx

  2. May the better poet win!!!

    What becomes a poet!

    What makes a better poet!!!

    What defines a “better poet” from “a”poet?

    Those questions circle in my mind often…

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