black smoke chronicles part five…

jokers & fools

paradise alley tours
far & wide &
scatters good intentions
into every disaster;
never knowing enough
about how it came to be,
it had to become enough.

let loose a little at a
time & sharpen those
claws. you’ll never draw
blood or get under the
layers of exhaustion.
insomniatic pacing over
wood floors establishes
harmony without

stretched taut
between stars;
whatever rationale i started
with long since discarded.
darkness delights to cover
conversation between
personified evening hours
talkin’ nonsense to
the disenchanted.

only danger is failing to
convince myself sleep-sick
hallucinations are real.
trails follow movement;
living center-stage is
costing me more than
i can afford to pay.

or later it’ll run me down;
runs everyone down.
just what happens
or later.


5 Responses to “black smoke chronicles part five…”

  1. H2O Buddy Says:

    Such sadness…

  2. Somehow it seems to be full of despair, but I think somewhere in that despair, one can find hope.

    “insomniatic pacing over
    wood floors establishes
    harmony without

    I know the above feeling too well.

    You never fail to write something so thought provoking. Great piece

    p.s. Regarding my poem “Lack of Faith”, I’ve been an atheist for years now. I think it is the only way I’ll stay sane.

    • Totally agreed. Was just having that discussion with a deistic friend of mine. Personally, I’m comfortable where I stand but most deists are threatened when you tell them “I’m an atheist” and you aren’t dying or having some sort of crisis. Too funny.

      As to the poem, I didn’t realize until rereading it a few minutes ago how despairing it actually sounds. It happens. I think it is largely in the last stanza as the conclusion of the poem is rather dour to say the least. I’d be the first to say I wish it wasn’t true but I’m still waiting to find an exception. Like Johnny Cash said, “so sorry but I guess things happen that way.”

      I think what scares me more is that people seem to identify with it. Guess there are a lot of us out there suspecting some vicious explanation behind the simple fairy tales we were told as kids. Strange.

      Thanks kindly for reading though, it is always much appreciated.


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