fascinate me…

get my mind right

it’s coming down from
where it comes down from
again; half answers are
easy enough, no matter
how badly everyone
wants more. who
wouldn’t want more?

if i had as much
to give as there is to
take, i know it still wouldn’t be
enough. cries so desperate &
disproportionate. the timing
sucks; what can
i give away that hasn’t
already been taken?

healthy as psychotic
can be, under circumstance
of disregarded ambiguity;
i got nothing but time…
hours of time.

falling asleep at my keyboard,
dream debating word choice
until shooting pain wakes me.
without a woman’s touch;
nudging me awake. more
stab-wound; maybe not that
different after all. matter
of timing mostly.

all i want for now is sleep.
letting go in favor of a
shattered glass knuckle
untreated. swelling is down,
& so much pain my spinal
cord is jealous.

i toss everything i’ve left
down on the floor
& turn the music up.
ignore a finger,
3 herniated discs
& exhaustion. by my
count we’re only
six hours from
sunrise; anyone care
about one extra day?


Someday I wanna meet Joe Henry. That is all.

One Response to “fascinate me…”

  1. This is the most beautiful and sincere piece I think I have read thus far…I totally love this!!!!

    “anyone care
    about one extra day?”
    yes, yes, yes I do, I do…one more day to write me some more of this, well uhm the world some more of this. Ah! You understand…I totally truly love this piece…

    la ligne de demarcation

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