quite alright…

rolled again

she accused me of not caring
about anything except
my next breath.
i tried to tell her she was right
but couldn’t stop breathing
long enough to get
the words out.

i wrote it off
to being tired & off my
feed. the easy exit i really
needed was too
much to ask for,
especially right this
second. sudden dizzy spells
& a warbling road
greet me like old friends
with news of some shared

after a few seconds,
the door slammed & i
was alone. didn’t
take but a few minutes
to puzzle out the why & how,
then a few more to
remember it didn’t
matter either way.

when she tells the story
to her friends later,
she’s gonna crucify me.


Ow. My hand hurts. Inspired by ridicule. Thanks for that one. Douche-bag.

8 Responses to “quite alright…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    Interesting how sometimes breathing way too much can cause misunderstandings, can lead to words … unspoken … rarely finding the surface of life. Sometimes only few words are enough to fix things, but at the right time I guess! Nice one, I like the first few lines the most!

    • Blaga, awesome to hear from you. I have been on & out a lot lately due to life getting crazy but thanks so much for the comment and for stopping by. Hope all is well with the holiday season finally complete and regular life back to normal.

      I find life is often more about what people don’t say rather than what they do tell you. Seems strange, certainly, but that is my experience especially with people I get close too. Often times you find out the person you thought was everything in the world was just a mirage, or worse, doesn’t see you the way you see them. Sucks, but what can you do except get past it and rebuild with someone else. Always a silver lining somewhere waiting to be found!

      Take care, and we will catch up sooner or later. I owe ya a visit to see what you have been writing as well! Catch ya later,


      • Scent of my heart Says:

        Well life and love can be pretty complicated … relationships are hard to build and keep.

        I never understood why people don’t talk, why they hide words, facts … I mean, I am absolutely open person and somehow I’d love to have the same back, but if I see that I don’t get it, I’m smart enough to choose the distance, because mystery might be sexy and tempting, but on the end always hurts.

        I hope you will feel back to normal soon. And know there is always someone out there for you to comfort you, you just need to look closer.

        Stay safe!

  2. rolled again from what!!!! we can keep on rolling to, away from or just because…

    guess she gave up…just plained gave up!

    Nice write

    • Glad you liked it! BTW – the title, ‘rolled again’ refers not to actually rolling around or a physical movement but the slang term ‘rolled’ meaning knocked out & robbed. Of course, I meant it metaphorically, but you get the idea. Sorry for the delay responding, been a rough last 48 hours. I think everything is better now, or at least stabilized.

      Drop me a line when you get a minute. Glad to hear from ya,


  3. haha, this one is funny. Yup, you’ll be crucified, but then again, does it matter?

    The first stanza would be the best according to me. Great stuff!

    • Glad you caught the humor of the piece. I wanted to deal with a depressing subject by laughing at the silliness of the whole moment and how it affects peoples interpretation of other folks intentions. Glad to see it worked! Hope you are doing well,& I owe ya a visit sometime soon!. Thanks for dropping by,


  4. spot-on as usual. happy new year, my friend. love that first verse, and the ending. you truly have a way with words.

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