aloha one & all…

Too all the kind visitors; thanks for the high hopes & well wishes. I will be gone most of Tuesday on a writing expedition to the beach. If you happen to be in Ocean City, MD and see a poet working on the wintry beach/boardwalk, come over and say aloha.

Depending on a host of factors out of my control, I’m unsure of when I will be back but will try to post some of the poems that come out of the trip tonight in the late late AM. Again, thanks for all the support & encouragement. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it all. Have a good Tuesday,

The Fool.

4 Responses to “aloha one & all…”

  1. May the different surroundings and solitude find your muse.

    • Thanks much Michael. Didn’t quite work out as planned but there is another day to try another method to get out of my rut. Sooner or later, that is what I am told….

      Hope you had a good NY’s eve and holiday season. I’m always glad to see it end after new year’s. They should spread those holidays out more….can we talk to anyone about that?

      Thanks for the visit & hope all is well.


  2. H2O Buddy Says:

    Enjoy! Time spent at a beach in the winter may at times be quite amazing – very few people and the elements pretty much all to yourself.

    • Well, didn’t go according to plan but it was nice to have a day to myself to enjoy Ocean City. Weather was OK, and the town was empty so it was exactly what I was looking for except…. I don’t know. The magic of the town used to be strong enough that you could feel it even alone. Just something about the place kinda spoke to me.

      Just not today. Too cold to see much and I must have left my concentration at home…couldn’t center myself enough to write & while usually I enjoy time on my own this has been the month from HELL & getting ditched on NYE is still not sitting right with me. It’s a long boring story that ends with me cleaning the whole apartment and listening to music/writing on New Years.

      Today was supposed to make up for it but guess I will have to try something else. Shit happens, just annoying it seems to happen over and over and over… gahhh OK I’ll stop bitching & moaning now…LOL.

      Hope your luck is better than mine lately!


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