skillsaw education…


it ain’t
no one
at all;
it’s just
you &
that can
be a lot
or a

your own
if you
insist on
answers. you’ll
play your own
games if you
insist on rules.

who else
can find you
a safe place
to drop the
other foot?

lost in self-
who knows when
to fast-
forward & when
to stop?
puzzle pieces
look like they
might fit together,
but none do.

whatever is next
waits on the
brave ignorance
of accepting
whatever shows
in the mirror
behind the blood,
flesh & shaving

might be laughter,
could be lunacy.


Dedicated to the tow truck driver from Wednesday night. Just proves there is a certain kind of wisdom that can’t be found until the right person arrives to deliver it. It didn’t solve any problems but it has clarified what needs to be done to solve the problems, which is the next best thing. You’re a good man charlie brown.

8 Responses to “skillsaw education…”

  1. “..but it has clarified what needs to be done to solve the problems, which is the next best thing.” Yes sir.. clarity and taters is all a man needs..

  2. There were so many lines in it that just grabbed.

    You’ll answer your own questions if you insist on the answers.

    That alone could be a quote of the day in those famous day planners.


    • SOrry for the delay replying, been a strange couple of days! Thanks much for stopping by, and thanks for the compliment! I should sell bumper stickers with my best lines on them and see if anyone would buy! Too funny, and thanks again for the visit.


  3. H2O Buddy Says:

    Sometimes a renewal in our ability to trust comes unexpectedly and in an unusual way – and you find yourself receptive and open as it is your only option – you already know what you don’t want and are no longer able to tolerate.

    • Wise in many ways. Having gone through some re-shuffling of the various folk in my day-to-day world because of some trust issues & other assorted foolishness, I’m quickly rediscovering how important trust is to friendships AND relationships. Without trust, it is hard to even address the other problems created by a lack of mutual trust. Every problem has a solution, but w/o trust it is damn hard to get the solutions going to overcome problems. Very much agree with your comment.

      Thanks for swinging by, I’m always thrilled to hear from you. Much appreciated!


  4. Wonderful message here, yes only we can decide what we will be, what to do, what not to do. So many lines of your piece resonate with deep truth, I can’t decide what touched me the most. I would say this is my favorite of all that I’ve read of your poetry

    As for the last line…I’d go with lunacy 🙂

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