for my neighbor…

gotta work at something

gasoline alley
all night on
discount. good
to find veritable
speed every so
often; makes it
easier to pass hours
blind. there’s work
to be done &
no more time for
demons tonight.

after all, you can get
hurt doing anything
these days. anyway,
we’re past all that.

stuck on high,
waiting forever
for confirmation.
these hours
are all i need
to remove the
last daggers &
clean my blood
from the blade.
it won’t hurt;
may as well
finish this business &
start playin’ at
bein’ okay. work
to be done
n’ all.


Dedicated to Mary who was kind enough to stop by the side of the road at 1 a.m. to make sure I was OK after the tire implosion. That was most kind & neighborly of you, and I owe you one!

6 Responses to “for my neighbor…”

  1. Minds at Play Says:

    Liked this one. May I daresay that you have expressd some positive uplifting thoughts here? Bravo! And that playin’ at bein’ okay becomes being okay.

    • That is the plan my friend. I figured wallowing would only get me so far, and that the sooner I’m on my feet ready to get to whatever is next in life the better. There is nothing that can’t be solved one way or another, and whatever it takes, I’ll get there when the time is right.

      Thanks much for the kind words. You’ve saved another evening for me! Always appreciated; moreso even on subjects like this. Hope you had a good weekend,


  2. belladonna23 Says:

    how true. we all got daggers. but some of us dont have the strength to pull them out…
    i just wrote one ya might like:

  3. Scent of my heart Says:

    I like the dedication … good to know people like Mary are around ..

    • Every so often an angel steps out of hiding and appears when you need them. There is no rational explanation for this, it just happens. In short; you are correct. It is very good of her to stop. Take care,


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