one more time…


played around with
everything i could find to
make me forget the phone
wasn’t ringing. involved
in steps toward higher speed
with a book of matches, i
got lost in the passing hours
& let go of whatever it was
that’d been bothering me.

slipped through a crack in
the door to the porch perched
above the asphalt; another
cigarette salutation waved
towards the frozen parking lot
passing another night by sticking
out an asphalt tongue trying
to catch snowflakes that haven’t
started falling. the asphalt stares
me down while i shiver & smoke.
half a cigarette is enough to
convince me to retreat towards
indoor warmth.

back inside, bright light-bulbs
shoot photons around the room
while warm air gets a push
from vents scattered around
ceiling & floor. unsure of what is
supposed to come next,
i turned out most of the lights
& imagined falling into bed next to
a pair of eyes & hands & feet;
it ain’t the real mccoy but it’s
readily available. there’s time
later to invent meaning out of
whole-cloth; applied to the
never ending evening, how can
any of us be sure who came out


Dedicated to the insomniacs. It will pass. Keep that in mind before you do anything crazy.

29 Responses to “one more time…”

  1. very well plotted piece.

    it will pass, everything will work out for you.and for all …


    Thanks for the contribution to Poets Rally.

    • Old poem as I didn’t have anything I thought worthy of highlighting yesterday; but you were dead on correct. It did pass, and it did work out! hahahaha sometimes things do go right!


  2. A slice of life with a piece missing.

  3. how many times in my past many more in my future, nice

  4. Beautiful dedication to all those of us who are not sleeping without words…;-)

    I liked your lines…
    ‘later to invent meaning out of
    whole-cloth; applied to the
    never ending evening, how can’
    Thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  5. this was pretty awesome. really strong opening as well.

    my potluck:

  6. good one i loved the well chosen words to convey the thoughts… a great dedications for the insomniacs… 🙂

    keep blogging


    Here is one of my scribbling….

  7. Scent of my heart Says:

    out an asphalt tongue trying
    to catch snowflakes that haven’t
    started falling

    Insomnia, certainly gives you some great inspirations …

  8. lovely ! every madness passes leaving us with insight and wisdom .

  9. To say i liked it would be an understatement .. I LOOVED this !! Insomnia has been an ally since years now and it never troubled me more than a week. I now welcome it with a book or with poetry flowing in ym head 🙂

  10. loved it! loved the flow and the whole theme. 🙂

  11. belladonna23 Says:

    insomniacs have so much to think about in the dead hours…. i lmiss the way you write. so unique and hard hitting, like a well deserved smack to the face. my favorite part here is: “sticking out an asphalt tongue to catch snowflakes that haven’t fallen…” great image. i love it!

    • Thanks Bella. The good news is you won’t have to miss my writing as I have no plans to do anything else anytime soon. I enjoy your writing as well, will surf over and comment in a few mins. Take care & thanks for the kind words; they are much appreciated.


  12. Another one about Life?
    I guess we are all wondering about it- and wandering too!

    It slips if you try to catch
    It holds you if you try to fall
    Nothing’s fitted its essence really
    All things said ’bout it’s been proven false

    Wishes xoxox

  13. Such is the life for those of us that stare aimlessly at the two red flashing dots hour after hours. I liked it very much.

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