whaddya know?.?.?.

letting go

broken right hand
leftover from a fight
that couldn’t even
generously be called
a draw. jacked-off on
the back end of a
pancake morning that
didn’t hit rejection until
the last possible second.
par for the course; months
prepping with fish-hooks
dragged across skin as i realize
“i’ve been here before.”

harsh contortions maneuver
players into untenable positions
relying on long-shot odds
of eventual recovery. not
sure if imaginary ecstasy
does much for any part
of me still anchored to reality;
torture comes with the territory.

standing alone at center-
stage, i welcome those
tiny voices to shut the fuck
up & hope tonight is the night
they listen. terrible plan of
attack; gonna take a lot
of time to get this wrong mind
right. lights are already on
& here at center-stage i’m
desperate to get my lines out
before they’re forgotten
or prophetic.


Dedicated to Joe Henry for his song “Tiny Voices.” Inspired by the verse

“I can quit this anytime,
It’s just to help me sleep,
It stops the tiny voices
And strange hours that they keep.
Who wants to hear them bleating on,
And have to answer too?
Better to be dumb when I’m
Falling for you”

(Joe Henry “Tiny Voices” lyrics here.

So what does it mean? Not a goddamned thing. That, and you can always count on hearing the one out of your 100,000 song catalog that twists that knife farther than you ever thought possible. It would be bloody amazing if it went down any other way. Well, on the bright side, tomorrow is a big day. These next 12 hours go fast if I have to get out & push.

5 Responses to “whaddya know?.?.?.”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    I like the song, and your writing. Well connected to the song. The line with tiny voices sounds best. Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you liked the song & the poem. Those lines have always seemed so brilliant to me for so many reasons, mostly because I think they apply to everyone on some level. Thanks for the compliments, and hope you are doing well in the new year! Take it easy,


  2. Letting go, surrendering yourself willingly, and drinking fully from the cup that is life – a level of experience so many never know.

  3. your prose is awesome and you would bring so much to my free write friday!!! i hope you will peak and maybe consider?


    xox kellie

  4. belladonna23 Says:

    i absolutely love this:
    sure if imaginary ecstasy
    does much for any part
    of me still anchored to reality;
    torture comes with the territory.

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