back to menechino for reasons unknown…

the end

tectonics aside, this
is another farcical
short sale longtime
all-nighter brought on
binging on amphetamines
found inside the couch
cushions while i was
sharpening my claws.

i’m perfectly spiced,
calmly dejected &
up to speed doing lines
made from voices of
old friends telling old
stories mixed into a
vintage far older than
the year listed on
the label. imbibing
quantity for effect;
chase ’em off with
music or impossible
to decipher codes &

when the music
started the volume
had to be low enough
to raise when i
needed it to get loud;
you can figure
out the rest;
cape cod potato chips
n’ all the other snacks
& beverages & bullshit.
i knew we would figger
it out.

smile with me;
those eyes of yours
get so cold without
that beautiful twinkle.


The nice thing about all the difficult decisions in life is that once it is made, things get much easier. Like I said, I knew we’d get it figured out. (lol, I’ll do the same!)

5 Responses to “back to menechino for reasons unknown…”

  1. I agree. Once you let go of the fear of making a difficult decision, ease is the next natural course.

    Thanks for making me think and ponder.

  2. H2O Budddy Says:

    Don’t know why, but this made me laugh hysterically – it was the line “i’m perfectly spiced” that did it!

  3. hmmm I got lost on short sale, or was it meant to be short tale…and if not, why did you choose this? Please bring it home for me, thanks šŸ™‚
    Apart from that… un marteau a la tete kind of read!

  4. btw, this would go well with the song from Hurt-Overdose, lol. I just placed it on one of my piece in my weekly schedule lol. C U

  5. belladonna23 Says:

    yea, this piece sure does remind me of a few feelings i get from time to time… haa, it feels like when someone makes an ass out of you but its still so funny you can’t help but laughing anyway.

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