quarters & dimes…

12 bucks in quarters & a coupla dimes

even with all this silver sounding
off in my pocket, i still ain’t got
any calls to make. it doesn’t
make any difference; won’t
stop the all-night laughter or
any of those multi-day voyages
stacking up faster than i
can find places to stick ’em.

i’ve gotten better at gettin’ by
on my own. after all, i’m the
sonofabitch looking like a cartoon
character & a personality along for
the ride. such obsessive rambling;
no choice but to find a way.
what else could i be looking
for ‘cept another cartoon?
holy fuck. i think they’re
takin’ me seriously.

finding a way to ignore all
those yesterday salvation
seekers selling bullshit
stories is easy even if it
takes a while; i need time to
properly adapt, & besides,
ya gotta want it.

i know, i know.
bad timing for big questions.
ambition only extends as far as
tryin’ to laugh with all the crazies
at jokes nobody can hear.
madness in cacophony, rain drops
jumping off clouds & i’m
screaming over peals of thunder
“someone pass that fucking plate

i ain’t even close to bein’ done


Written in reaction to something I overheard at the library paying fines on overdue books. How the fuck does that keep happening? Oh well; it was like 15 cents and I took out more than I brought back. Call it a win; they are in short supply and no, you can’t have this one.

6 Responses to “quarters & dimes…”

  1. From I know to the end, reeled me in…I dig dig doggone it, yesssssssssssss beautiful! hmmm welcome back papi, missed reading yah! 🙂

    • Thanks for the support, it is very much appreciated. The only goal I have when writing is to produce something that reads well and forces the reader to think as much as possible. This is another poem that started as scribbles on a notebook and evolved over a few weeks rather than just pouring out as poems sometimes do. Always better with a worthy adversary (meaning the poem. We aren’t adversaries I would hope!) Take care and thanks again for all the kindness thrown my way. Back atcha dudette.


  2. There is vanilla pudding and there is pot de creme chocolat. Cyberspace, especially in some blogosphere neighborhoods, is filled with vanilla pudding. Some momentary sweetness (pray, not too sweet) and then poof, gone, leaving little to savor.

    You are a fine cook. Layers, nuances, complexity… All those chef-ly words apply to the pieces you are dishing up. My mental palate is smacking its lips (to create a totally twisted metaphor). You inspire me to take to the “kitchen.”

  3. I love you writing style. Lovely
    Thank you for visited my blog.
    Have nice days.

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